Are you expecting a baby boy and searching for the perfect name starting with the letter B? The letter B is a beloved option for many parents, offering a wide range of classic, modern, and unique baby boy names. From timeless choices like Benjamin and Bradley to trendier picks like Baylor and Bodhi, there's a "B" name to suit every taste and background.

In this comprehensive blog post, we'll explore some baby boy names beginning with B, covering their meanings, origins, stylish variations, and notable namers. Get ready to discover your future son's ideal moniker from this bounty of "B" brilliance!

Classic Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Many parents gravitate towards classic baby names for their timeless appeal and familiarity. These tried-and-true "B" names have adorned family trees for generations:


This classic Hebrew name means "son of my right hand." With its long history of distinguished bearers like Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin has never fallen out of favor.


An English name derived from the Old English "burna" meaning "brook or stream." Brandon is an enduring favorite that evokes strength and naturalness.


A variant of the Irish name Brian or Briain, meaning "high" or "noble." Brian is a perennially popular Celtic choice worn well by actors like Brian Cranston.


With roots in an Irish surname meaning "ditch" or "muddy place," Brody has transformed into an appealing first name in modern times thanks to heartthrobs like Brody Jenner.


An English surname relating to either "black" or "pale," Blake has vintage charm with a cool factor thanks to trendsetter Blake Lively.

Modern Baby Boy Names Starting with B

For parents seeking contemporary baby names, there's an array of modern options starting with B that feel fresh and au courant:


A Sanskrit name meaning "enlightenment," Bodhi has become fashionable among spiritual parents and tree-huggers in the West. Actor Patrick Swayze famously chose it.


This surname name rose in popularity thanks to author Bill Bryson. Bryson has a masculine yet friendly sound ideal for sporty types.


An occupational surname name relating to bailiffs, Baylor sounds quintessentially American and preppy, gaining fans like Baylor Trier.


Embodying images of babbling creeks, Brooks doubles as both a laid-back first name and an upscale surname pick à la Garth Brooks.


A distinguished English surname relating to "bridge-maker," Briggs combines upbeat energy with scholarly undertones.

Unique Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Parents who crave something a bit more unusual need not fret - there are plenty of unique baby boy names starting with B that deliver one-of-a-kind charm:


An English gender-neutral name with an elegant "x," Bexley works splendidly for boys seeking originality without being too strange.


A dashing pioneer name with ties to frontiersman Daniel Boone. Boone has a carefree, outdoorsy appeal for little adventurers.


Traditionally a prestigious English surname, Bentley makes an intriguing first name choice for little luxe lords with star power like Bentley Basset.


A unique occupational name relating to "bridge builders," Bridger has a rugged yet intelligent air perfect for future engineers.


A newly-invented spin on the Brandon family, Bransen feels innovative and fresh while retaining classic masculine appeal.

Baby Boy Names Starting with B from Around the World

Drawing baby names from international cultures can yield exotic yet meaningful options starting with B:


The French form of Sebastian, meaning "venerable" or "revered." Bastien's continental flair is debonair and literary.


A Spanish and Italian form of Benedict with warm, inviting vibes. Benito is particularly popular in Latin American communities.


While quite a mouthful, Balthazar is an attention-grabbing Hebrew name with ties to biblical lore and one of the three wise men.


A Slavic name derived from the word "boritz" meaning "to fight" or "combat." Its modern Russian bearers include politicians like Boris Yeltsin.


An intriguing Arabic name meaning "dazzling" or "brilliant," Bahir has unstudied global cool for a baby boy.

Short Baby Boy Names Starting with B

For those seeking something simple and straightforward, consider these short-and-sweet baby boy names starting with B:


A jaunty French nickname meaning "beautiful" or "handsome." Beau makes an adorable yet masculine stand-alone name.


A one-syllable classic borrowed from a Breton and Old Celtic name. Bret sounds tailored yet boyish for grown-ups like Bret Michaels.


A Dutch form of Abraham that stands out with its single-syllable punch. Bram has vintage Old World character like author Bram Stoker.


A highly energetic and unique word name that conveys a fiery spirit. Blaze feels youthful and vigorous for sporty little daredevils.


An unexpected word name with an adorable quality, Brief makes for an upbeat mini name with built-in nursery nickname.

Baby Boy Names with the Nickname "B"

Looking for a more formal name that lends itself to the crisp yet friendly "B" nickname? Here are some options:


A classic surname name meaning "broad clearing" that naturally shortens to B. Bradley feels both recognizable yet modern when styled as B.


An occupational surname denoting "son of Ben," Benson lends itself well to the cool initial-based nickname B like actor Benson Jack Anthony.


Originally a place name meaning "small stream," Brock hits a sweet spot between tailored and trendy as the basis for just "B" à la Brock Lesnar.


While quite a substantial moniker, Barrington's nickname B has a pleasingly understated quality for shortening this British location name.

Two-Syllable Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Striking a balance between brevity and classic beauty, these two-syllable baby boy names starting with B are melodious and memorable:


An occupational name with an approachable, down-to-earth quality. Baker has vintage flair yet feels trend-proof like patriarch Baker Mayfield.


A stately surname name meaning "blessed." Bennett feels perfectly polished yet not at all fussy as a first name, la Benedict Cumberbatch.


As a Texan place name-turned-baby-name, Baylor hits all the right notes with its earthy naturalness and subtle Southern lilt.


An appealing patronymic name derived from the Norman last name Barret. Barrett has an air of vintage sophistication like writing legend Barrett Browning.


An English place name with crisp surname style, Benton makes for a solid, likable winner that's distinct but familiar.

Three+ Syllable Baby Boy Names Starting with B

For the parents who delight in flowing, multi-syllabic baby names, these longer options starting with B are worth considering:


A daring French surname name meaning "good lookout" that's sure to make an impression. Give it the nickname Beau for a charming short form.


An English surname name with shades of Latin "bellus" meaning "beautiful." Bellamy is a lot of name but has definite swashbuckling panache à la Bellamy Young.


The more traditional spelling of Balthazar, with roots in the Babylonian "Bel" meaning "Lord." It's gloriously regal yet requires style confidence.


Equal parts English and French, this place surname name is highly romantic with the meaning "beautiful mountain." Beaumont is elaborate yet appealing.


A distinguished Gaelic place name nodding to Scotland's scenic landscape. Breckenridge has substance and plenty of Southern gentry flair.

So whether you're drawn to time-honored classics like Benjamin and Brian or genre-bending rarities like Bridger and Bodhi, we hope this guide to over 150 baby boy names starting with B provided the perfect pick for your son-to-be. The letter B opens up a whole world of debonair, bookish, or bold options to reflect your little boy's personality from day one. Wishing you all the best as you embark on the wondrous journey of parenthood!

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