Looking for the perfect name for your new baby boy? Start with the distinctive letter G. G-names for boys run the gamut from classic to unique, from short and snappy to long and flowing. Many of these names are also imbued with great meaning and history rooted in cultures around the world.

Whether you want something familiar like Gabriel or George or something more unusual like Gannon or Grover, this letter offers an abundance of amazing options to consider. Get ready to swoon over some of the greatest boy names that begin with G.

Traditional G Names for Boys

Some of the most traditional and classic boy names start with the letter G. These memorable monikers have been handed down through generations in many languages and cultures worldwide.


The Hebrew name Gabriel means "God is my strength." This powerful biblical name belongs to an archangel known as a messenger of God. Gabriel makes for a bold yet stylish choice with significant spiritual meaning.


Of Greek origin meaning "farmer" or "earth-worker," George is a sturdy, handsome name with tons of great nicknames like Geo, Georgie and Gordy. It's a true classic that calls to mind images of old-world nobility and affluence.


This Greek name meaning "watchful" has been commonly used across European countries for centuries, though its formal vibe might appeal more to modern parents looking for an under-used gem. Gregory would be a unique way to honor family heritage.


An English surname name with Germanic roots, Garrett means "brave with the spear." It maintains a charming vintage feel that's both strong and dashing. The double R's give it a upscale, sophisticated spelling too.


As an English surname meaning "great," Grant feels fresh and modern for today's baby boys but still has an air of distinguished heritage. This name promotes visions of success and high achievement.

Unique G Baby Names for Boys

From newly minted to revived from centuries ago, many G-names for boys have a wonderfully unique sound and burst of energy. These stand out from the pack in all the best ways.


An Irish surname that means "fair-skinned," Gannon makes a striking first name with that double N adding punch and flair. It's a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered.


Once relegated to the world of fuzzy puppets, Grover has growingly appealing old-fashioned flair as a first name too. Totally cute and cuddly but also vintage-chic, making it unexpected for a boy.


While chosen more often for girls in modern times, the biblical book name Genesis actually represents the origin of the world and would make a meaningful life philosophy name for a boy. So much potential here to connect to grand ideas.


The cool color name Grey has a composed, sophisticated edge that makes it shine as a first name for a little guy. Polished but not pretentious, it promotes visions of wisdom and refinement.


An Hebrew bible name meaning "mighty warrior," Gideon brings to mind strength, courage and combat skills. It's much fresher than other biblical picks like Gabriel and Joseph but still has that iconic status.


This dashing surname of a famous literary figure means "from Gatesburg" in English. Gatsby blends vintage spirit with a fun modern vibe that stylish parents are loving for their baby boys lately.

Meaningful G Names for Boys

Many G names hold rich meaning and symbolism from their linguistic roots or ties to historical or mythological figures. Ground your son in rich heritage or inspiring ideals by choosing a meaningful name like:


As mentioned above, the Hebrew name Gabriel means "God is my strength", representing divine power and heavenly protection. A profound and timeless choice.


One of the legendary Knights of the Round Table, Galahad was the pure knight in Arthurian tales known for his courage, bravery and chivalry. Ideal for a little hero.


From the English word for "fort," Garrison makes a valiant name for a little protector and powerfully reinforces ideas of security, shelter and defense.


An English name that comes from the word "spear carrier," Gary feels athletic and mighty. Perfect for an active, adventurous little guy who loves the great outdoors.


This Italian form of the names John and Charles represents strength, vigor, and doing the right thing. A bold yet sophisticated global pick with great gravitas.


An Italian variation of John meaning "God is gracious," Gianni makes a lyrical yet strong choice packed with meaning about faith and gratitude.


A legendary Welsh figure who was an innovator, leader and mythological hero to his people. This resonant name carries weight and gravitas beyond its miscellaneous sound.

Nature-Inspired G Names for Boys

Some of the loveliest boy names starting with G have their origins in nature, hinting at the beauty and richness of the natural world all around us.


A Welsh name meaning "gentle," Gareth represents the delicate yet strong traits of our green world and the beauty found in balance and harmony with the environment.


Taken directly from the Scottish Gaelic word for a secluded valley, Glen promotes a peaceful, relaxing feel and deep connection to unspoiled landscapes and hiking trails.


As a grove is a lush collection of trees, this lovely nature name hints at growth, abundance and being well-rooted in one place. So scenic and earthy for an outdoorsy little boy.


An occupational surname referring to a grain store keeper, Garner makes us think of bountiful harvests, agriculture and the fruits of hard work on the land.


Quite simply meaning a "pledge" or "promise" in French, Gage represents the riches of the earth that we must protect and preserve for future generations. Such profound meaning here.

Short and Snappy G Boy Names

For parents who like their son's name to be short and memorable, look no further than these awesome 1- or 2-syllable G options of four letters or less. These pack a mighty punch:

  • Gage
  • Gale
  • Gray
  • Gus
  • Gene
  • Geo
  • Gil
  • Guy
  • Griff
  • Gio
  • Grove

No matter what you choose, boy names starting with G offer a solid, strong sound paired with all sorts of amazing images and inspirations from all over the world. From the nature world to ancient myths and modern cool vibes, G-names cover all the bases. And with the mix of long and short forms, there's something for everyone's unique taste and style.

Take your time considering these greats and pick the G name for your son that speaks to your style and family value system the most. Whether you want to honor your heritage and traditions with a classic gem or envision the boundless future ahead, these names aim to inspire strength, courage, intellect and more wonderful traits in your child. A G-name can help shape the amazing person your son is destined to become.

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