The letter L provides many great options for baby boy names. From classic to trendy, here are some top names starting with L that would make excellent choices for your newborn son.


Lucas has been a top 10 boy name in the United States for many years and for good reason. It's a handsome, timeless choice. Lucas means "light" which conveys an uplifting meaning. Some famous Lucases include actor Lucas Till and baseball player Lucas Giolito. With all its popularity but still feeling fresh, Lucas would be a wonderful name for your baby boy.


Logan shares a similar trendy yet classic sound to Lucas. Originating from Scotland, Logan means "little hollow." It climbed the charts in recent decades thanks to characters like Wolverine from X-Men comics. Logan also gives off a rugged, masculine feel that works well for an active little boy. Logan is likely to age well as your son grows up.


Levi brings a biblical vibe derived from the Hebrew name meaning "joined." It's an understated choice that's gentle yet strong. Levi calls to mind Old Testament figures as well as jeans, projecting a down-to-earth quality. On top of that, Levi feels fitting for boys from any background. Your son would carry lifelong meaning behind this simple four-letter name.


Liam lands near the top of the list as one of the most popular boy names today. It's a short, sweet Irish name that translates to "strong-willed protector." Liam started trending in the 1990s and hasn't stopped rising since. Its single-syllable construction lends itself well to nicknames like Lee or Lim if your little guy prefers that when he's older. Even being very common, Liam never goes out of style.


Here's another L name topping charts for good reason - Lucas. It derives from the Roman last name Lucius with ties to the Greek word for "light." Lucas signals brightness, uplifting spirit, and intelligence. Some famous Lucases include Star Wars actor Mark Hamill and artist Lucas Cranach the Elder. The classic two-syllable flow sounds just right for a baby. Lucas ranks as a top 10 choice with staying power for generations.


From Latin meaning "lion," Leo brings strength, courage and regal qualities. It sits at a prime spot of classic yet trendy due to its current surge in popularity. Leo relates to astrology's lion sign of personalities that are passionate, brave and principled leaders. Pick Leo for a baby boy destined to shine bright. Fun animal associations give Leo playfulness along with its dignified heritage. Quality nicknames like "Leon" or "Leonard" also come included in this top-tier L name.


In the running for the single most famous Luke of all time, Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker helped rocket this name up the popularity charts. Prior to that, Luke traced back to Greek "Lucas" translating to "light-giving." Its approachable one-syllable simplicity feels right for a little one. Luke pairs nicely with surnames of any length and carries on well as your son ages into adulthood. Overall, it's an easy top choice that never wears out its welcome.


American history aficionados will appreciate Lincoln as an ode to our 16th president. Beyond that, Lincoln stands out linguistically with its distinctive dual "in" sounds. Spelled and pronounced with clarity, Lincoln projects reliability, steadiness, and leadership just like Honest Abe. With the middle syllable "coln" giving a bonus nod to nature's noble species, Lincoln provides strong namesake values without pretentiousness. Your son would feel proud carrying such a well-recognized title.


Bring Mediterranean flair into your baby boy's name with Lorenzo. Derived from Roman "Laurentius," Lorenzo signals "laurel-crowned victor." Its melodic four-syllable form rolls nicely off the tongue in a distinguished manner. The name allows for nicknames like "Enzo" or "Renzo" if your son wants something more casual down the line. While currently rising in rarity, Lorenzo maintains its inherent classiness for the modern age.


One of the most royal boy names around, Louis comes from Germanic "Hludwig" composed of elements meaning "famous" and "warrior." Throughout history, Louis designated many famous French kings starting with Charlemagne. It provides prestige balanced with down-to-earth familiarity. The single-syllable Louis feels solidly masculine for a baby. Timeless associations with nobility run deep without landing overly snooty. Variations like Lewis or Louie give additional stylish nickname possibilities.


With Landon, you get a geographic theme tied to wide open countryside spaces. Originating from Old English "land" and "hill," Landon symbolizes serenity, endurance, and natural beauty. Despite its pastoral roots, Landon ranks as more urban since gaining recognition through celebrities like actor Dylan Sprouse. The steady rise of this two-syllable name indicates staying power without projecting old-fashionedness. Give your baby boy an adventurous spirit through the outdoorsy Landon.


Worth consideration for more adventurous parents, Lyric stands out as a creative musical choice tied to song poetry. While still building recognition, Lyric seems poised to join popular unisex names like Harmony or Melody in the next decade. Its lyrical sound flows melodically on its own. The meaning implies artistic self-expression which your little one can develop however they like. Try Lyric if you want something off the beaten path for your baby boy without veering too unusual.


Classic Lawrence traces back to Germanic origins of "hlāford" meaning " ruler" combined with "hors" translating to "warhorse." In other words, a mighty warrior. Throughout medieval Europe, Lawrence signified nobility and strength of character. While less common today, its dignified history still shines through. Modern parents appreciate Lawrence for its smart multi-syllable cadence with built-in nickname "Larry." Your son would carry time-tested principled values with this distinguished L name.


Coming in just behind Louis in French royal lineage, Lewis joins names like Henry and Charles denoting medieval English royalty. Lewis brings distinguished heritage balanced with relaxed phonics for everyday use. Along with its familiarity through author C.S. Lewis, the one-syllable sound rolls effortlessly making it prime baby name material. Variations provide options too - "Louie" gives a fresh spin while paying homage to history spanning centuries. Solid, classic Lewis inspires without pretension.


Derived from the Latin name Leo meaning "lion," Leonardo brings to mind breathtaking artistic talents like that of Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. Leo alone would make a strong name, but Leonardo amplifies the qualities of bravery, vision, and creativity. Plus, your little Leo will share a name with the beloved Ninja Turtle! As an Italianate name, Leonardo carries bold flair.


Leopold hails from German origins where it means "brave people." Grand and regal, Leopold emanates leadership qualities befitting a future king. Yet its nickname "Leo" offsets any stuffiness, making Leopold approachable. Famous Leopolds include the composer Leopold Mozart and two Holy Roman Emperors. This epitome of a classic royal name feels heirloom-worthy for your baby boy.


Lawson traces back to English roots where it denotes someone who lived near a hill covered with laurel bushes. Lawson debuted in the US top 1000 in 2014 and climbed quickly thanks to its virtues. With its soft "sson" ending, Lawson strikes the nice balance of feeling modern yet traditional. It pairs well with many last names and lends itself to the cute nickname "Law."

In closing, the letter L brings so many wonderful options spanning classic to modern for baby boy names. Focus on meanings you find inspiring as well as the phonetic flow you imagine calling throughout childhood and beyond. Go with gut feelings on names connecting deeply with family values.

With these quality L suggestions, you're sure to find just the right fit for your new son. Enjoy the naming process - it's the start of a lifetime journey shaping your baby's identity!

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