Looking for the perfect name for your new baby boy? Names starting with the letter T are a timeless and terrific choice. From traditional picks to trendy newcomers, there are so many wonderful T names for boys to consider.

In this blog post, we'll explore some amazing baby boy names that begin with T. You'll find classics like Thomas and Timothy, unique picks like Tarik and Tyr, and names spanning cultures from Tobias to Taizo. No matter what you're looking for - whether it's a name with spiritual meaning, an outdoorsy choice, or something modern and cool - you're sure to find some T names for boys that catch your eye.

Classic T Names for Boys

Let's start with some of the most classic and popular T names for baby boys:


This Greek name meaning "gift of God" has been a top pick for centuries, but it still sounds fresh today thanks to fun nicknames like Theo and Teddy. Theodore Roosevelt was one of America's most iconic presidents.


The name Thomas means "twin" and it has Biblical roots tracing back to one of Jesus's twelve apostles. It's a strong, sturdy, no-nonsense kind of name that has never gone out of style. Famous Thomases include author Thomas Hardy and inventor Thomas Edison.


With its Arthurian legend connection and stylish French flair, Tristan checks a lot of boxes for parents looking for a unique yet recognizable name. It means "sorrowful" or "a sad person," referring to one of the main characters in the romantic medieval tale.


While considered a unisex name today, Taylor started out as an English occupational surname for a tailor. It's a polished, professional pick for a baby boy, brought into the mainstream by singers like James Taylor.

Some other enduringly popular T names for boys that you'll likely recognize include Tyler, Trevor, Tanner, Tate, Tucker, Travis, Troy, and Trent. Lots of great options starting with those strong T sounds!

Unique T Names for Baby Boys

Now let's look at some unique and uncommon T names for baby boys:


An Arabic name meaning "he who knocks at the door in the morning," Tarek has a cool, exotic sound. A variation is Tarik, which means "morning star."


The Scottish variation of Thomas has a fun, irreverent vibe. It comes from the Gaelic Támhais.


Thanks to the English surname meaning "roof thatcher," this occupational name makes a great pick for parents wanting something different. It also brings to mind former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


A twist on the Gaelic name Taran, meaning "thunder," this outdoorsy pick has an on-trend sound. For another thunderous name, consider Thor, the powerful Norse god of thunder.


A nature name meaning "woods" or "forest" in Estonian, Taavi is melodic and interesting.

Other unusual T names for boys that may appeal to parents wanting a unique baby name include Tam, Tavin, Taddeo, Tavi, Tobyn, Torrance, Turi, and Tyrrell.

Spiritual & Meaningful T Names for Boys

If you're looking for a T name for your son with spiritual or meaningful roots, check out these options:


From Chinese and meaning "the way" or "path," Tao has significant meaning in Taoism and other Eastern philosophies. It represents the natural order of the universe.


A classic Hebrew name meaning "God is good," Tobias has been shared by saints, characters from literature like the play The Tragedy of Tobias, and actors like Tobias Menzies.


An energy-filled virtue name, Truth inspires images of wisdom and spirituality. It was used by singer Lenny Kravitz for his daughter.


From an Old German name meaning "ruler of the people," Theodric carries gravitas and can be shortened to the friendly nickname Ted.


A Japanese name meaning "great zen," Taizen feels perfectly fitting for the chilled-out baby boy. Zen itself stems from Chinese philosophy and means "meditation."

Other T names for boys with roots in spirituality and powerful meanings include Thaddeus, Thayer, Townsend, Trey, and Treyor.

Outdoorsy Nature T Names for Boys

For adventurous baby namers or outdoorsy parents, check out these T names for boys inspired by nature:


A unique nature name referring to the prickly trees and shrubs, Thorn brings to mind images of forests and woodlands. It has an edgy, gothic vibe.


With its woodsy, lumberjack vibe, Timber puts a twist on the traditional nature names like Parker or Walker. It means "wood" in Old English.


A strong animal name, Tiger has achieved peak popularity thanks to celebrities like Tiger Woods and the Netflix series Tiger King. It refers to the iconic big cat known for its power and ferocity.


Meaning "claw," the name Talon evokes imagery of powerful birds of prey soaring through the skies. It's an aggressive yet graceful name that packs a punch.


A Swedish name referring to a rocky peak, Tor has a cool, natural vibe perfect for adventurous parents. You could also consider the related name Torrin meaning "thunder."

Other outdoorsy, naturey T names for boys include Trail, Tavis, Terran, Tindur, and Trevas, a unique name derived from the Cornish word for "woods."

Trendy T Baby Boy Names

Finally, let's look at some of the trendiest T names for boys making waves in recent years:


A cuter, more laidback way to get to the classic Theodore. This one is showing up everywhere from baby names lists to children's books like The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas.


An Irish name meaning "lord" or "chief," Tiernan had a major jump in popularity and fits both the Gaelic name trend and the trend towards unique underused names.


A southern spin on the name Tripp, this fun nickname name is undeniably on-trend. Used for sons of Sarah Palin and Will Ferrell, among others.


An English surname name meaning "warrior," Truett is charming and unexpected. Names ending in the -ette/-ett sounds are very stylish right now.

Other trendy T names for baby boys include Tatum, Townes, Trace, Tuff, and Tyrus. With so many possibilities, there's a cool, up-and-coming T name perfect for your little guy.

So there you have it - some of the best baby boy names starting with T! Classics like Thomas and Theodore, unique picks like Taavi and Talon, vibrant word names like Truth and Timber, and so many more. Hopefully this massive list has given you plenty of terrific T name ideas to ponder for your son. Picking the perfect baby name is never easy, but armed with this mega list of T baby boy names, you'll be able to name your little one something amazing.

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