The letter V has an elegant, vibrant sound that makes for some fantastic baby boy names. If you're looking for a name starting with V for your soon-to-arrive son, you've come to the right place. From classic choices to more unique picks, this list contains a variety of V baby boy names to inspire your search.

Traditional V Names for Boys

Some of the most well-known and time-honored boy names starting with V have been around for centuries or even millennia. These traditional picks have major staying power for good reason.


This charming Italian name has origins tracing back to ancient Rome, derived from the Latin name Vincentius meaning "conquering." With its stylish sound and historical pedigree, Vincent ranks among the most popular V boy names year after year. It could make a noble vintage revival.


Like Vincent, Victor also comes from Latin roots (the word victor means "conqueror" or "winner.") This powerful name choice has an appealing victorious meaning that's hard to top. Victor ranked in the top 300 baby names in recent years.


An English surname name with a sophisticated quality, Vance potentially comes from the Old French place name Venz or Evancie. Either way, it's a dapper V name pick for a little boy that will make him stand out in a crowd full of Liams and Logans.


Back to Latin we go with the name Virgil, a refined and intellectual choice linked to the famous ancient Roman poet of the same name. This name lends an air of effortless intellectualism for the baby who might grow up to be quite the wordsmith himself.


A Slavic name with possible meanings like "ruler of peace" and "famous prince," statuesque Vladimir feels elegant and strong at the same time. It could be a unique way to honor Russian family heritage.

Upbeat & Unique V Names for Boys

If you want a V name for your son that's more one-of-a-kind and contemporary, here are some upbeat and unique picks to consider:


Thanks to actor Viggo Mortensen, this name of Danish origin has received a major burst of popularity and admiration. With its two crisp syllables, Viggo is an energetic winner. It means "battle" or "war," making it a mighty choice.


A shortened form of names like Vance, Evander, and Ivan, snappy Van can't help but stand out with its one-syllable punch. This no-frills name is perfect for parents who want a simple yet strong baby boy name.


Cooler than Valentine but inspired by the same Roman roots, Valen is a modern boys' name with an intriguing vibe. For the boy who will grow up to be passionate and poetic.


This V baby boy name has an awesome meaning: it translates from Italian and Spanish as "strength" or "protection." That rarity and concept make Varro a compelling choice for the little warrior in your life.


A Welsh surname name meaning "small," Vaughn feels fresh yet undeniably masculine. Its strong, punchy sound is appealing for a boy name. Plus, how cute would a nickname like Lil Vaughn or V.J. be?

Vivid V Names With Great Meanings

If you love the letter V and want a boy's name with a vibrant, lively meaning, these stellar V names fit the bill:


As mentioned above, Viggo has Danish origins and may mean "battle" or "war." A powerful meaning for a strong little boy.


A profound word name ideal for a son you hope embodies courage and bravery. Valor practically glows with a heroic vibe. A top pick for the family of soldiers, firefighters, or anyone with an adventurous spirit.


An Italian classic with the wonderful meaning "life," Vito bursts with energy. A joyful name sure to bring your little boy luck and vitality throughout his life.


While traditionally a feminine name, Vivian originated as a masculine Latin name meaning "lively" or "vigorous." It could make for an unexpected spin on a classic boy name.


The French form of Vivian, Vivien has been used for boys in the past. With its energetic meaning and zesty sound, it could be revived as a unisex choice for your vibrant baby boy.

Viggo, Valor, Vito, Vivian and Vivien could inspire an abundance of great V-themed nickname options too, like Vivi, Gogo, Vallie, or Vivi. These vibrant names practically personify living life to the full.

Vintage V Names for Boys

Want to go for a truly old-school, vintage vibe for your son's name? These classic V names drip with throwback charm and would be right at home on the credits of a black-and-white film.


A proper English place name with tons of vintage appeal, Vernon might call to mind a silver screen silver fox gentleman of days gone by. Yet it still works for a modern baby boy today as a unique but familiar option.


The sprightly Italian diminutive Vinnie instantly feels fun and old-world. It could suit a baby or a beloved family member's nickname. "Little Vinnie" has a dapper mobster vibe that parents adore.


We can't forget Virgil on this list! It's a name that's been drawing people in since 70 BC thanks to the Roman poet, but it would also be great as a unique-but-familiar first name in modern times.


For a very vintage vibe, consider reviving Valentine. These days it has a quirky, hip edge not unlike other comeback names like Otis or Silas. But it could honor family ties to 1950s sweethearts or work for a little boy born in February.

What matters most is that you choose a V name you truly love for your son, whether trendy, classic, or totally unique. Talk about name ideas with your partner and imagine calling out each name to get a sense of flow and feeling. Once you find The One, say it out loud to enjoy the sound of your son's new name.

No matter which name starting with V you go with, your little boy is sure to grow into his name with pride. V names are distinctive, masculine, and just a little bit daring making them ideal for the baby boy who's about to arrive and shake up your world in an incredible way. There are so many fantastic V baby boy names to pick from!

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