Are you expecting a little bundle of joy and looking for a truly unique name for your baby boy? Names starting with the letter X are among the rarest, making them an excellent choice if you want your son to stand out from the crowd.

While Xavier is probably the most well-known X name for boys, there are plenty of other fascinating options from various cultures and origins to consider. From the exotic Xenophon to the punchy Xander, an X name carries an air of boldness and individuality.

In this comprehensive blog post, we'll explore some amazing baby boy names that begin with the 24th letter of the alphabet. Get ready to be inspired by meanings ranging from "the bright one" to "defender of mankind" as we dive into this underrated letter for naming boys.

X Baby Names of Greek Origin


This ancient Greek name literally means "helper of strangers" from the components xenos "stranger" and phon "voice." It was borne by an iconic philosopher, historian and soldier.


Taking just the first part of Xenophon, this name refers to the noble gas element xenon which comes from the Greek xenos "stranger."


The name Xavier is derived from the Spanish Javier which ultimately traces its roots to Etxeberria, a Basque surname meaning "the new house." St. Francis Xavier was one of the founding members of the Jesuit order.


A simple name from the Greek xenos meaning "stranger" or "foreigner."


From the Greek word xanthos meaning "yellow" or "golden", this could make a vibrant name pick for your baby boy.


An alternate spelling of Xanthos, taking the ancient Greek pronunciation.


We can't talk about X names from Greece without mentioning Xerxes, the powerful Persian king who invaded Greece in 480 BC. His name is theorized to derive from the Iranian word khshayathiya "leader of heroes."


This unique Greek spin on the word xylo meaning "wood" could appeal to parents who love nature names.


For craftsmen or woodworkers, this elongated Greek option literally translates to "wood worker."


A daring Greek pick relating to the word xystis meaning "scraping tool", lending it an edgy, badass energy.

X Names With Hebrew Origins


While also found in ancient Persia, this name has Hebrew origins tracing back to the Old Persian compound Khashayar-shah meaning "King of Heroes."


From the Hebrew shilo meaning "the sent one", this name makes an interesting X twist on the classic Shiloh.

X Baby Boy Names From Other Cultures


A Basque name meaning "restless" which could suit an active baby boy.


Another form of Xavier in the Basque language, indigenous to parts of Spain and France.


The obvious shortened form of Xavier, this could make an adorable nickname name.


Taking the celestial "en" ending, this form of Xavier means "the bright one."


Possibly derived from the Chinese surname Xian meaning "immortal", this unique name has an ethereal meaning.


An intriguing Ancient Persian name meaning "hairy."


From the Zapotec indigenous language in Mexico, this unique name means "flower" or "cloud flower."


An X name with roots in the indigenous Nahuatl language, this refers to a Venus-related deity.


From Nahuatl as well, this jaw-dropping ancient name is a variety of hairless dog breed.


An obvious nickname for the incredibly long option above. It means "hairless dog."


Possibly a creative spin on the Greek name Xenon, referring to the chemical element name.


With Hellenic roots, this unique pick could relate to the name Christos or Christ.


One of the rarest options, this could derive from the unisex Chinese surname Xu meaning "exhale; rest; remove."


Another Chinese surname name, this means "snowfall" giving it a wintry, poetic touch.


A Chinese name with multiple meanings like "reverent, modest, to complement, and to ask."

Fun X Nicknames for Baby Boys


A cool nickname option that could come from Xavier, Xander or any longer X name.


The obvious short form for Xavier and Xavi.

Xenos Boy Names


This invented name is thought to be derived from the Greek Alexandros meaning "defender of mankind." While modern, it has ancient roots.


A unique name with the trendy "X" start combining the Greek xanthos meaning "yellow" and the Italian angelo "angel."


A masculine variation of Xanthos with a powerful Ancient Greek vibe.


Yet another derivative of Xanthos, this time with the "ous" ending common in many Greek names like Artemidorus.


A truly invented X name option that sounds global and exotic.


Like Xavien, this X name ends in the celestial "o" making it seem otherworldly.

Two-Syllable X Names


This interesting two-syllable pick seems to be of Mayan origin, though the exact meaning is uncertain.


From the Persian khair meaning "comfort, goodness, and prosperity," this elegant two-syllable option feels refreshingly modern.


A unique Greek name meaning "inevitable" that has an appealing blend of ancient origins and mythological hero vibes.


A shortened form of Xanthos or Xanthius, this name has a natural, sunshiny essence.


Our old friend Xavier can't be left off this list of course! While quite common today, it feels handsome and distinguished.


This playful X name was likely invented based on the trendy "avio" ending seen in other modern favorites like Octavio.


For parents seeking an X spin on the traditional Sebastian, this audacious remix could be the solution.


Drawing from Russian roots, this two-syllable option could relate to the word kshedrov meaning "generous."


One of the most novel picks, this invented name does have a touch of intriguing Greek flair with the "xell" start.


Much like Xander, this innovative name takes inspiration from the Greek Alexandros but with a "der" ending.


Is this a unique cross between Xavier and Zephyr? Or an entirely new creation? You decide with this offbeat option.


A real enigma, this name's roots are uncertain but its edgy X factor is obvious.


While rare, X is a bold, culturally intriguing letter to kick off your baby boy's name. With meanings ranging from "hairy" to "immortal" to "inevitable", you're sure to capture your son's fierce, fearless spirit with one of these standout X picks.

Whether you're drawn to the antiquity of Greek treasures like Xenophon or crave a novel option like Xanian, an X baby name is the ultimate way to make a statement about your little guy's individuality right from birth. Just imagine him standing out from the crowd as the only Xylon or Xoaloc in his class! The 24th letter has so much untapped potential for baby names.

I hope this extensive guide to some possible boy names starting with X has sparked some serious naming inspiration. While unconventional, these rare picks have so much charm and character — a worthy match for the special bundle you have on the way.

So get creative and get cracking on choosing that perfect X baby name! I'm excited to meet all the Xanthiuses, Xaviers, Xolons, and Xendors of the future.

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