In this post, I will share with you 18 unique baby girl names starting with the letter C. When choosing a name for your little girl, you want it to feel special and reflect your family's taste and style. While popular names like Emma and Sophia are beautiful choices, you may want something a little more distinctive. The letter C offers a variety of charmers that are sweet without being too common.

Here are 18 C names for baby girls with meaning and origin details for each name:


Origin: Latin, meaning maiden or daughter

Cora has seen a resurgence in recent years and landed in the US Top 100 in 2018. It has a sweet, vintage feel reminiscent of simpler times. Cora combines femininity with strength - she works hard and gets things done without losing her gentle spirit. Cora makes a lovely first or middle name option for your little daughter.


Origin: Latin, meaning dear one or little darling

Carina is the feminine version of the Italian name Carlo. It has Latin roots meaning "dear one" or "little darling." Carina radiates warmth and friendliness. Her smile is irresistible and lights up any room. Carina emanates positivity and will lift the spirits of all who encounter her cheerful nature.


Origin: Latin, meaning blind or blindness

Cecilia is a beautiful name with a musical background. In Christian traditions, Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians. The name Cecilia evokes images of melodies, harmonies and a gift for song. For your daughter, Cecilia suggests a creative spirit with artistic talents waiting to emerge. Her radiant personality will charm everyone around her.


Origin: Greek mythology, one of the Muses who presided over eloquence and epic poetry

Calliope conjures images of Greek mythology and the Muses that inspired great works of art, literature, and philosophy. As the Muse of epic poetry, Calliope symbolizes a gift for words and storytelling. Your daughter Calliope will have a way with language and talent for bringing stories to life. Her vivacious character will captivate audiences for years to come.


Origin: Latin, meaning priest's attendant or woman attendant

Camille is the French version of the Roman name Camilla. It exudes Continental charm and elegance. Camille wears her femininity lightly yet possesses an inner confidence. She approaches life with curiosity and a delight for discovery. Camille treats everyone with compassion and makes friends wherever she goes. Her giving nature warms the hearts of all families she joins.


Origin: Latin, clear or famous

Claire floats gently off the tongue, borne on a breeze of light yet discernable clarity. Claire sees the world with remarkable crispness of vision and brings focus to all she encounters. Her sunny disposition brightens spaces and spreads cheer. Claire's friends know they have a listening ear, thoughtful advice-giver and champion in their corner. As your daughter Claire grows, her talents, passions and purpose will come into sharp focus.


Origin: Latin, heavenly or celestial

Celeste conjures sparkling skies, dazzling stars and celestial splendor. It promises a gift for wonder, imagination that soars to faraway places and ability to find magic in everyday moments. Your daughter Celeste will see the world as her canvas, full of possibilities waiting to unfold. Her creative spirit knows no bounds and talents will shine by following inner whispers of where dreams may lead. Celeste's loving, playful nature will light any home with joy.


Origin: Spanish, from the island of Corsica

Catalina has a lovely Mediterranean lilt and ties to the beautiful island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. Your Catalina girl will radiate spirited joie de vivre and passion for adventure. She eagerly embraces new experiences and cultures with open arms. Catalina views challenges as opportunities and encounters life's twists and turns with plucky resilience. Her loving, expressive ways and zest for living will infuse families with vibrancy and gratitude for each moment.


Origin: Greek, meaning blooming or fertile

Chloe blossoms with tender femininity yet fierce confidence in her uniqueness. She shares her light generously and nurtures the growth of all around her. As her name suggests, Chloe flourishes amidst the caring hands of loved ones who support her becoming fully herself. Chloe will charm with kind eyes taking in each person, scene and moment with both gentleness and gusto. Your daughter Chloe will bloom into a strong woman, true to heart, who makes this world brighter simply by being in it.


Origin: Latin, mild, lenient or merciful

Clementine evokes images of the sweet, tangy citrus fruit but also bears a gentle meaning. Your daughter Clementine will approach all with tenderness, understanding and mercy. She holds space with empathy for varied life experiences and sees richness in diversity. Clementine brings out the best in people through sincere, compassionate engagement. Any family would feel truly lucky to benefit from her sweet, forgiving ways and ability to heal relational rifts with care, patience and love.


Origin: French, petite or feminine

Charlotte carries an elegantly feminine charm and down-to-earth style. She treats friends, family and herself with care yet modesty; Charlotte recognizes intrinsic beauty devoid of pretense. Your daughter will likely exude a quiet yet vivid charisma fostered by self-awareness, confidence lacking pretense. People naturally gravitate toward Charlotte's calming, nurturing presence. With kind eyes taking stock of realities yet ability to find joy amidst challenge, Charlotte will add steady care and cheer to any home or situation.


Origin: Latin, from Carolus meaning "strong" or "manly"

Though bearing a name originally given to boys, Carolina emerges distinctly feminine yet strong. She embraces life with gusto yet responsibility, knowing how to stand on her own two feet. Carolina likely loves the great outdoors, adventure, travel and independence. Your Carolina girl will rise each day eager to soak in wide-open spaces, welcome challenges, thrive amidst change and blaze trails for others. She views life's tests as lessons versus limitations and moves ahead steady yet wide-eyed, infectious enthusiasm lightening each step.


Origin: Latin name for Camellia plant, meaning perfection or excellence

Camellia blooms with breathtaking splendor among flowers, bringing refined beauty and grace to any setting. Similarly, your daughter Camellia emanates poise and polished charm beyond her years. She treats all with elegant care, kindness and warmth. Though naturally poised, Camellia stays humble and others feel affirmed in her gentle company. Your daughter Camellia will likely exhibit talents across creative, social and intellectual realms; wherever she graces, she brings artistic flair, empathy and excellence rising to unforeseen heights of achievement nurtured by secure roots of character.


Origin: Greek, from "Cassandra", a Trojan princess in Greek mythology known for her gift of prophecy that no one believed

Cassandra carries an air of mystery and intrigue, rooted firmly in Greek legend. Your daughter will have depth and layers remaining to uncover. While some brush off her visions, Cassandra intuitively sees layers beneath surfaces and understands humanity in all its complexity. She approaches people, situations and ideas with open yet discerning eyes, seeking truth and authenticity. Though others may doubt her perceptions at times, Cassandra trusts herself - and proves visionary over years. With wisdom beyond her years yet playful spirit, your daughter Cassandra will charm and inspire through lived integrity.


Origin: Late Latin, from celestial or heavenly

Celestina radiates ethereal beauty and sweet spirituality. She possesses a gift for finding sacred moments amidst ordinary days. Celestina views life through a filter of gratitude, connectedness and possibility. Your daughter Celestina likely gravitates toward artistic expression, poetry, dance, song and practices nurturing mind-body-spirit wellbeing. She will bring a calming, centered presence encouraging others along their journeys. Families feel uplifted in Celestina’s tender company as she finds magic wherever she goes and infuses it in spaces and hearts along the way.


Origin: From the Latin word "cadentia" meaning rhythm.

Cadence evokes musicality, rhythm and flow. Your daughter Cadence will have a gift for coordinating sights and sounds into beautiful harmonies. She approaches all aspects of life with a fluid grace, adapting smoothly to changes in tempo or tone. Cadence sees connections between seemingly separate elements and brings integrity to all her endeavors through committed follow-through. Families will feel uplifted by her melodic spirit and ability to Maestro a variety of talents.


Origin: Latin, meaning heavenly or celestial

Celeste conjures sparkling skies, dazzling stars and celestial splendor. It promises a gift for wonder, imagination that soars to faraway places and ability to find magic in everyday moments. Your daughter Celeste will see the world as her canvas, full of possibilities waiting to unfold. Her creative spirit knows no bounds and talents will shine by following inner whispers of where dreams may lead. Celeste's loving, playful nature will light any home with joy.


Origin: Italian island known for its beauty

Capri evokes images of the idyllic Italian island retreat with its azure seas and dramatic cliffs. Your daughter Capri will have an effortless, captivating charm and joie de vivre. She soaks in life's simple pleasures like sun, sea and laughter with trusted companions. Though naturally carefree and playful in spirit, Capri takes care of loved ones with gentle, intuitive tenderness. She views hardships on the horizon with optimistic resilience and faces each challenge as another scenic panorama to embrace fully through open eyes and heart. Families feel revitalized in Capri's sunny presence and inspired to live more lightly yet meaningfully day by day.

I hope this list of 18 unique C names for baby girls provided inspiration as you consider special monikers reflective of your daughter's character and your family's style. Each name celebrates femininity, strength, creativity, compassion or vision in its own way.

May you find one perfectly fitting for your new little bundle of joy arriving soon. Wishing you all the very best in welcoming baby and beginning your journey together creating treasured memories to last a lifetime!

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