Are you expecting a baby girl and looking for the perfect name starting with G? The 7th letter of the alphabet offers a delightful array of options, from classic choices to more unique and unexpected picks. Whether you want a name with Greek roots, one borrowed from nature, or a quirky modern selection, the list of G names for girls has something for every taste.

Let's dive into some of the most beautiful, meaningful, and just plain cute baby girl names that begin with the letter G!

Greek Goddess Names Starting with G

The ancient Greeks gave us some of the most romantic and powerful girl names starting with G. These have been used for centuries and make excellent options for parents wanting a name steeped in history and mythology.


This primordial goddess' name refers to the ancient Greek personification of the Earth itself. A perfect earthy pick for your little nature baby.


Derived from the Welsh name Gwendolen, meaning "white ring" or "white bow." A pretty, feminine classic that has been gaining popularity in recent years.


Another Welsh gem, this name means "blessed" or "prosperous." It has been used for centuries but was popularized by actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Gorgeous Classic G Names

While not tied to mythology, these timeless G girl names are undeniably gorgeous and have been used for generations. Classy yet contemporary, they make wonderful first or middle name choices.


Simplicity embodied in name form, this virtue name means "graceful and beautiful." It's been a top 20 pick in the U.S. for decades.


An Italian jewel meaning "precious stone," this lovely option has been catching on beyond its classic British Isle beginnings.


A longtime French favorite, this stunning name derives from the Germanic root meaning "tribe woman." It's sophisticated but wearable for a modern baby girl.


The lovely Italian version of Johanna, meaning "God is gracious." Celebrity parent picks like Gianna Bryant have made this one newly hot.


These two romantic Italian/French variations on the Hebrew name Gabriel have been popular picks for decades. Both mean "God is my strength."


An elegant feminine form of George, with roots in the Greek georgos meaning "farmer" or "earthworker." Sophisticated but friendly.


A feminization of George that has been an independent hit in recent years. Down-to-earth but oh-so chic.


This shining Latin virtue name from the word meaning "glory" feels both vintage and modern at once. Glorious indeed!

Unique G Names with Great Meanings

Looking for something a little more uncommon? These unusual yet meaningful girl G names deserve more attention from modern parents.


An anglicized form of the Scottish surname Gregor, meaning "watchful" or "alert." Fun and fresh with great energy.


Grazia is the Italian variation of Grace and means exactly the same - "graceful." So beautiful rolling off the tongue.


A German name with roots in the term "pledge" or "hostage," giving Giselle an appealing air of mystery. Makes a gorgeous yet unexpected choice.


Originally a French masculine form of Julian, Gillian has an undeniable cool girl vibe while still feeling very wearable for a daughter.


The legendary name of King Arthur's wife means "fair" or "smooth" in Welsh. So unique but recognizable thanks to its mythological roots.


An intriguing Welsh twist on the classic Gwyneth, this variation injects a bit of quirky uniqueness.

Girl Names Starting with G from Nature

As the name of Mother Earth herself, it's no surprise that many gorgeous girl names beginning with G have their origins in nature. These picks are all about embracing the beauty of the natural world.


Meaning "the beginning" or literally "birth," this unique nature name refers to the origin story of the world in the Bible.


We can't skip the Greek personification of the Earth itself! Earthy but bold, this ancient name has tons of modern potential.


As in the deep red gemstone whose name derives from granatum, the Medieval Latin term for "seed." A jewel of a name unlike any other.


An elegant, newly minted twist on the color name Greene, representing freshness and vitality.


A modern coinage meaning "fair/blessed one from the green meadow" in Welsh, perfect for nature-loving parents.


A friendly redhead name referencing the vivid spice, with an unmistakable natural, down-to-earth appeal.

Girl Names Starting with G from Around the World

When looking for the ideal daughter name, it's always worth exploring different cultures and languages beyond your own. Here are some exotic yet accessible G names for baby girls from all over the globe.


A Hebrew name meaning "eternal life," this global stunner was brought into the mainstream by Mexican-American actress Galilea Montijo.


A gorgeous Italian classic that comes from the Hebrew name Yohanan, meaning "God is gracious." Effortlessly stylish and refined.


Stemming from the Indian Sanskrit term for "song," this delicate yet meaningful global gem makes for a lovely daughter's name.


A worldly, feminine form of Grace that originated in Spain and Portugal. So romantic and melodious on the tongue.


An older German/Spanish classic name meaning "gray battle" that has a certain storybook charm to modern American ears.


The revered Buddhist bodhisattva's name, the Chinese equivalent of the Sanskrit Avalokiteshvara, representing mercy and compassion.

Glorious and Quirky Girl G Names

And finally, let's have a bit of fun with these glorious but quirky G names! They push boundaries while still keeping things cute. Perfect for the parent seeking that elusive "cool unusual" factor.


Once a simple Italian shortening of Gianna, Gia has totally outgrown its nickname status to become a super stylish stand-alone name.


Okay, this one's not precisely quirky, but with its four lush syllables and elegant Italian flair, Giovanna certainly makes more of a distinctive statement.


This adorable retro revival name means just what it sounds like: golden and sunshiny bright. You'll strike gold with this one!


Wild and free-spirited, this wanderer's name signals a love of travel and exploration. It'll definitely stand out on the preschool register.


A short and punchy Welsh form of Gwendolyn, with that cool, gender-neutral, modern American vibe.

Gypsy Rose

Taking quirkiness to full-fledged boho levels, this intriguing name combo would fit right in with the flower child crowd.


Meaning "little precious gem" in Persian, quirky Gurty makes an intriguing global imported option.


For ultra-glam, sparkly, and unapologetically out-there parents only! Why not let your daughter's name shine bright?

Wrapping Up

From ancient Greek myths to lush fields of nature, the list of baby girl names starting with G runs the gamut. Classic picks like Grace and Genevieve are joined by exotic imports, cool word names, and stylish new coinages. With options hailing from cultures across the globe, there is a gorgeous G name to suit every style and taste.

So whether you want a daughter name with centuries of history behind it, an obscure or newly invented meaning, something lush and romantic, or simply a quirky choice that stands out from the crowd, these G girl names have you covered. You'll be sure to find that perfect mix of feminine, strong, unique, and undeniably beautiful.

Complemented by cute nicknames and dynamic middles, these G girl names work wonderfully on their own or as part of a chic first/middle combo. The lucky little lady's initials can spell out glorious things like Glorious Grace or Graceful Gwendolyn. Or opt for a classic first and quirky second with choices like Gemma Gypsy or Giselle Glitter. The options are delightfully endless!

So go ahead and get creative - and have fun with these gorgeous G names for your gorgeous baby girl. Happy baby naming!

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