Finding the perfect name for your baby girl is one of the most exciting and meaningful tasks for new parents. A name is so much more than just a way to identify your child - it becomes a core part of their identity and shapes how they are perceived by the world.

If you're looking for a beautiful feminine name starting with the elegant letter L, you've come to the right place. The 'L' sound is soft and lyrical, lending itself well to names that are equal parts strong and gentle. From classic favorites to unique up-and-comers, there is an L name out there for every taste and preference.

Let's dive into some of the loveliest L names along with their meanings and origins to help you find the ideal fit for your daughter.

Classic L Names

Some L names have been popular picks for generations, and for good reason. They have a timeless, sophisticated quality about them.


Derived from the flower name, this name of English origin means "pure" and "passion." It's dainty yet powerful.


A variation of Lily that comes from the name Lilia, this regal name means "lily" or "pure."


A Hebrew name meaning "weary" or "tired," but prettier than it sounds. Short and sweet.


Italian in origin, meaning "laurel plant." This romantic and mellifluous name has been a longtime classic.


From the Latin Lux meaning "light," this friendly and cheerful English name has been beloved for ages.


A Greek name meaning "from Lydia" which was once the name of an area of ancient Asia Minor. It has a romantic, melodic sound.

Traditional L Names With Modern Appeal

Some parents love the idea of choosing an older, more traditional name but giving it some modern flair. These names strike that perfect vintage-meets-contemporary balance.


Derived from names meaning "night" and having Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit and Spanish roots. It's exotic yet familiar.


A beautiful Scandanavian twist on the classic Olivia.


A spelling variation of Lila or Lilah that creates a charming mashup of vintage and modern.


Most famously associated with John Lennon of The Beatles, Lennon is quickly gaining steam as a unisex name.


A Spanish place name referring to a Marian shrine that means "immaculate." Religious and regal.


A German name meaning "murmuring rock," which refers to a mermaid-like Rhine River siren said to lure sailors. Intriguing and lovely.

Unique L Names For Your One-Of-A-Kind Girl

For parents who want to give their daughter a truly distinctive and uncommon name, these unique L options definitely fit the bill.


An English surname name meaning "park meadow full of hollies."


A very rare hybrid name that blends Luella and Lucille with a fun, twangy spin.


A Hebrew name meaning "my light."


The name of the ancient Roman goddess of thieves and trickery. Spunky and edgy.


An English place name meaning "meadow of hollies."


A Romanian name meaning "little light" and "bright." Heavenly and uplifting.

Nature-Inspired L Names

For parents who want a name that evokes the beauty of the natural world, these lovely nature names starting with L are wonderful options:


A serene and peaceful name inspired by nature's beauty.


The name of the evergreen shrub known for its fragrant foliage. In ancient Greece it was a symbol of victory and success.


A graceful floral name referring to the purple springtime bloom.


A type of deciduous tree with fragrant yellow flowers. Forest-fresh and charming.


The name of the sacred aquatic flower revered in many different religions and cultures.

Literary L Names

Bookworms and literature buffs may be drawn to these names borrowed from classic books and plays:


From Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem, this name of uncertain origin means "light."


Made famous by the Eric Clapton song and based on the name from the Persian story Layla and Majnun. Means "night" in Arabic.


A short form of Helena, this name comes from Greek mythology meaning "bright" or "shining light."


The wife of Augustus in ancient Rome, Livia is a feminine form of Livius meaning "envious."

Lovely L Names From Around the World

Parents looking for a multicultural name may love these pretty global picks starting with L:


A Greek name meaning "citadel." Light and lovely with an exotic flair.


The feminine form of the ancient Roman name Lucius, meaning "light." Popular in Italian and Spanish.


A Chinese unisex name meaning "lotus," "mother," "practise," or "soaring."


A short form of names like Deliah, Miliah, and Ophelia used in various languages around the world.


A Finnish name meaning "snow." Winter-fresh and whimsical.

Double L Names

For parents who love the look and sound of double L names, there are plenty of lyrical options:


An English name meaning "sun ray" with vintage vibes.


An English surname name meaning "son of Ellis."


A combo name blending Ella and Liana for double L power.


A variation on the classic Allison, this name has an on-trend surname style.


An English surname referring to someone from the "town of the Ella people."


A Norman French name meaning "healthy" that's quirky and cute.

Choosing the Perfect L Name

As you can see, there are so many beautiful, meaningful, and unique baby girl names that start with the letter L. From romantic classic picks like Lillian and Lydia to modern hipster faves like Lennon and Lila, you're sure to find an L name that speaks to you.

When narrowing down your top choices, consider the entire name from first to last - how do the first and last names sound together? Is the full name easy to spell and pronounce? Does it have good nickname potential? Make sure the name feels right for your family's cultural background and values.

Don't forget to look at the name's meaning and history too. You may want to choose a name steeped in tradition and folklore, or you may prefer a more modern, fresh meaning. Some parents look for a name that honors a special person or place.

At the end of the day, the "best" name is the one that you and your partner love saying and hearing. A name that rolls off the tongue with joy and warmth. By doing your baby name research, you're sure to find that perfect lovely L name for your little lady. Happy baby name hunting!

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