If you're expecting a baby girl and want to choose a name starting with the letter N, here are 15 unique names for you to consider:


Meaning "new" in Latin, Nova is a beautiful and trendy name that works well both for a baby and an adult woman. It has an edgy yet feminine vibe. Nova ranked #81 on the 2020 US popularity lists so it's not too common but still recognizable. The nickname possibilities like "No" or "Novie" add to its charm. Nova also sounds powerful yet not overly severe. With four letters it's a nice sweet spot of name length. Your daughter could explore interests like astronomy since "nova" also refers to exploding stars.


A classic yet underused name, Natalie derives from the Roman name Natalis meaning "birthday." It's pretty without being overly common. Natalie has ranked steadily around #10 in the US since the 1980s so it feels familiar yet not too trendy. The nickname "Nat" is commonly used and fits her from childhood to adulthood. Natalie works well for any ethnicity or background. With its connection to celebrating new life, it feels meaningful yet not overly sentimental.


Originally meaning "pleasantness" in Hebrew, Naomi has been rising up the popularity charts in recent years. It's feminine but still strong. Naomi has a very recognizable yet understated style. The four syllables give it a beautiful roll off the tongue. Naomi in the Bible faced much hardship but still maintained strength, making the name inspiring. Various cultures and backgrounds can easily wear Naomi. Nicknames like "Nay" or "Noam" keep it versatile from childhood to career woman.


Another traditional name that's always in style, Nora has Irish roots meaning "honor." It's sweet yet sophisticated. Nora has that nostalgic vintage feel while still being completely wearable today. At only three letters it's a nice minimalist choice. Celebrities like Blake Lively have given Nora modern buzz lately. It works well for anyone wanting a sweet yet strong name. The nickname "Norie" or "Nonie" add to its charm without altering the original style.


A French name meaning "victory of the people," Nicole has a nice balance of femininity and strength. It feels both classic and contemporary. As a top 20 name for decades, Nicole brings that nostalgic familiarity. But with recent drops in popularity, it also seems fresh again. Nicknames like "Nicki," "Niki," or "Coco" allow for variation. Nicole bridges traditional roots with independent modern vibes through its meaning alone. It remains relevant decade after decade in a range of settings.


Meaning "Christmas" in French, Noelle is a pretty vintage name that brings to mind holidays and celebrations. It would fit well with today's sentimental name trends. As a Christmas name it's perfectly festive without going overboard. Noelle has three simple yet melodious syllables that give it an elegant style. Celebrities like singer Cassadee Pope have made Noelle hip again in recent years. Those not wanting a strongly Christmas-themed name may opt for just "Noelle" as is without any pressure for middle name linkage like "Noelle Noel." It remains sweet and memorable either way.


With roots as a diminutive of names like Ellen, Helen, and Penelope, Nellie is a cute and quirky vintage choice. It's sweet without being overly frilly. At only six letters, Nellie is a lovely minimal name. The single-syllable style gives it a spunky persona. It works well for any background. Characters like Nellie Oleson on Little House on the Prairie gave it nostalgic flair that remains endearing today. Modern parents love naming nods to simpler times without going overtly old-fashioned.


A variant of the classic Natalie, Natalina has a fun, frilly feel while still possessing the same meaning of "birthday." It's unique but not too unfamiliar. Those wanting something longer but still intuitive may love Natalina. At eight letters it's not short and assertive like a nickname, nor overly long and complex. It has that delicate roll-off-the-tongue feel. With similarities to familiar names like Talia or Selina, she'll learn it easily in school too.


Originally a short form of names like Milona and Constanola, Nola feels sweet and spunky all at once. It embraces today's trend of short, nickname-style names. Only four letters keep it minimal yet musical. As a name on its own, Nola works well for parents wanting something complete versus a shortened version. It also bridges vintage and modern tastes. The city of New Orleans makes "Nola" an additional charming namesake. Easy spelling and pronunciation complete the package.


With Russian and Arabic origins meaning "hope" Nadia has a gentle yet strong vibe. It also works well across many different cultures. Nadia offers that sweet global feel through both looks andmeaning.At five letters it's that nice sweet spot between big and small. Nature moms love its nod to fresh starts and optimism through "hope."With a mainstreamesque style yet subtle presence onbirth records, it brings the best of familiar and unique. The nickname "NayNay" adds extra cuteness.


As the "heaven" spelled backwards, Nevaeh feels ethereal yet modern. It's likely to get noticed while remaining fairly subtle. At seven letters Nevaeh avoids both overly short and long name territory. It embraces both the celestial trend and distinctive style in one unique package. Nevaeh's surprise element of being heaven backwards adds an interesting story element. But with a straightforward pronunciation it works seamlessly in daily life. Those wanting something one-of-a-kind yet not too unfamiliar may click with this style.


With Native American roots meaning "boat," Naya is short, sweet, and unique. It embraces both nature references and lesser used consonant-ending names. Only four letters keep it minimal and strong. Naya offers that fun water element through meaning and sound without being overly literal like Marina. Its shortness makes it adaptable for any culture. Ending on a consonant rather than frilly vowel brings a sharper edge. The nickname "Nay" keeps it fresh from childhood to adult roles.


A smaller spin on names like Eleanor and Ellen, Nelle is quintessentially feminine and pretty. It feels sweet yet sophisticated. Fewer than 5 letters maintains that delightful petite style. As a complete name on its own versus a nickname, Nelle brings presence. Its meaning "light" or links to Helen or Helen conjure sunny images. Comes across gentle without being over the top common like Ella or Ava. Nicknames like "Ellie" or "Nell" suit phases from baby to beyond.


A traditional Irish name meaning "radiance," Niamh brings brightness while keeping a low profile on most baby name lists. With unusual looks alongside meaning it brings intrigue. Parents impressed by names like Aoife gravitate towards this recognizable yet rarely used style. Unlike overtly Gaelic names it remains smooth in the mainstream. Its distinct sound stands out without drawing teasing potential. Bright meaning fits any family culture wanting that ray of light.


With Sanskrit origins meaning "blue," Nila offers a subtle nod to water and nature. It's short and lyrical. At four letters Nila is a gorgeous minimal name. Blue makes one think of calmness which pairs nicely with her steady personality sure to develop. ethnically versatile for those valuing diversity and global roots in a name. Nila bridges vintage styles like Vera or Willa with modern four-letter titles. It simply rolls off the tongue effortlessly session after session.

These are 15 unique baby girl names starting with N that have great meanings and styles. Finding the perfect name is such a personal process, as it will define your daughter for life. I hope this list has provided some fresh inspiration as you consider special names beginning with this lovely letter.

Feel free to mix and match details from different names on the list. Or let it spark new ideas entirely. The most important thing is picking a name that feels just right for both your daughter's personality and your family's taste.

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