Are you expecting a baby girl and searching for the perfect name starting with S? This delightfully feminine letter offers up a bounty of beautiful baby name options spanning from classic to modern, playful to sophisticated. Within the world of S names for girls, you'll find names with meanings relating to everything from the sea and nature to wisdom, strength, grace and even royalty.

Whether you want to honor a loved one by selecting their initial, are drawn to a certain S name meaning, or simply adore how a particular S name sounds, this letter truly has something for everyone. To help inspire your baby name search, we've rounded up some of the loveliest S names for girls along with their meanings and origins.

Classic S Baby Girl Names

If you appreciate a name steeped in history and tradition, the S names below are ideal choices for your daughter:


A Greek name meaning "wisdom," Sophia has long reigned as one of the most popular girl names. Its Byzantine roots and an array of striking variations like Sofia and Sophie add to its timeless appeal.


Both gentle and strong, the Hebrew name Sarah means "princess." This biblical name has been a classic for centuries. Notable Sarahs include actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Though Scarlett may instantly call to mind images of the iconic novel and film character Scarlett O'Hara, this brilliant red name actually derives from the Persian word for a vivid red fabric.


A softer form of the Hebrew name Shoshannah meaning "lily," Susannah is graceful and pretty. It has a vintage, Old World quality reminiscent of 18th-century literature and art.


With roots in Latin meaning "from the forest," Sylvia feels fresh yet timeless thanks to its woodsy nature name meaning. Famous bearers include novelist Sylvia Plath and artists Sylvia Sleigh and Sylvia Fein.

Modern S Baby Girl Names

Looking for a S name with more contemporary flair? These up-and-coming options strike just the right balance of on-trend and unique:


A rich reddish-brown shade of orange, Sienna hails from the Italian city of the same name. It's both painterly and strong. Stylish mom Sienna Miller was an influential inspiration for this name's popularity.


An Irish surname name with upscale sophistication, Sloane brings to mind images of London's posh Sloane Square. It's a sleek option for parents drawn to cool surnames as firsts.


One of the trendiest spiritual S names around, Skyla is believed to be an amalgamation of "sky" and "light." It radiates optimism and serenity.


A newly gender-neutral pick with massive popularity, Skyler potentially means "scholar" in Old English and Norse. Introduced for girls by the 1994 movie Clueless, on-screen Skyler Shaye helped make it mainstream.


An occupational surname in its masculine form, Saylor feels youthful and preppy as a fresh girl name option. Its similarity to the word "sailor" nautical makes it extra whimsical.

Nature S Baby Girl Names

For parents wishing to give their daughter an earthy, naturalistic name, these fitting S picks offer inspiration:


The French word for "sun," Soleil bestows radiant, sunny optimism on your baby girl. It's a luminous and bright choice.


A unisex nature name derived from the herb with silvery-green foliage, Sage channels botanical beauty and wisdom. A virtue name gem for boho-chic parents.


The redwood tree variety inspires Sequoia, a dramatic S name that scales nature's heights. It's strong yet fluid with a lasting, evergreen quality.


This uplifting mountain range name literally means "saw-like" in reference to the jagged Sierra Nevada peaks. A wonderful option for outdoorsy adventure-lovers.


With origins as the name of a brilliant orange-red spice derived from crocus flowers, Saffron delivers rich earthy vibes. It feels both grounded and glowing.

S Names Carrying Strength and Power

From rulers to warriors, these strong and empowering S names for girls uphold a sense of might:


In Russia, Samara refers to the capital of the Samara region, but in Arabic, it represents "something protracted" and unwavering inner strength. With its 'Ra' sun deity ending, it packs even more power.


A Welsh name translating to "star," Seren possesses a glittering radiance. In Welsh mythology, it was the name of a high-ranking female advisor and astronomer.


With origins in the ancient Greek city of Sidon, these variations have queenly connotations of female power and courage. The name also relates back to a Germanic tribe of female warriors revered for their bravery.


Derived from the Saxon elements "sax" meaning "knife" and "kin" meaning "family," Saskia carries martial fighter spirit. A famous bearer was the Dutch artist Rembrandt's wife, Saskia van Uylenburgh.


The female form of Solomon, Salome is a biblical name with assertive power and sovereignty. Most famously, there was the daughter of Herodias who fatefully danced for Herod.

Elegant S Girl Names

Does your little one need a refined, sophisticated name? Look no further than these polished and dignified S options:


Chic and stylish, the upscale French name Simone carries a certain Continental charm. One of its most notable bearers is legendary singer and activist Nina Simone.


Derived from an ancient fertility goddess, Sabrina is a lushly romantic, almost literary, choice. It recalls the tragic water nymph character from Milton's 16th-century masterpiece Comus.


Another chic Gallic option, Sabine refers to an ancient Italian tribe and feels cosmopolitan with its European air. The name is both gentle and smart sounding.


Referring to the highest order of angels, the angelic Seraphina has a heavenly, ethereal essence. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose this heavenly option for their daughter.


Meaning "calm" and "tranquil," Serena is a fittingly composed and graceful choice. It has ranked as a perennial favorite thanks to tennis legend Serena Williams.

Playful S Girl Names

For parents who want to give their daughter a name with a touch of whimsy and fun, consider these delightful and lighthearted selections:


A shortened form of the Hebrew name Sarah, Sadie is informal and sprightly. Its cute 'ie' ending feels cheery and upbeat.


Originally an occupational surname for someone acting as a scout or explorer, Scout makes for an adventurous, tomboyish name today. It has spirited tomboy appeal.


With radiant positivity, Sunny is certain to brighten up your day. If you're hoping for a daughter with a perpetually cheerful outlook, this is the name for her.


A seafaring occupational name in the same spirit as Scout, Sailor has beach-ready charm and embodiespure summer bliss. For adventurous, free-spirited parents.


One of the latest wave of virtuous baby names, Story weaves an enchanting tale. It's precious yet deeply meaningful with a creative vibe.

No matter which baby girl S name you ultimately choose, all of these lovely picks open the door to wonderful nicknames, commanding initials, and a lifetime of singular identity for your daughter. So pore over these S name contenders carefully and have fun finding the perfect S name fit!

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