Finding the perfect baby name is one of the most exciting and challenging parts of preparing for a new arrival. While classic names like Emma, Olivia, and Sophia will always have their place, many modern parents are looking for more unique options to make their little one stand out right from birth.

If you're looking for a truly distinctive name for your baby girl, why not consider exploring names that start with the letter X? The 24th letter of the alphabet is undoubtedly one of the least common initials for baby names, making it an intriguing choice for parents seeking a standout name with serious personality.

To give you some inspiration, we've compiled a list of lovely, meaningful, and just plain cool baby girl names starting with X. From names with ancient roots to those with more modern origins, this list has something for everyone in search of an unforgettable X name to set their daughter apart.


An elegant Greek name derived from the word xanthos, meaning "yellow" or "golden-blonde," Xanthe is truly radiant. In Greek mythology, it was the name of an ocean nymph, adding to its sublime feel. Pronounced "ZAN-thee," it has a dreamy, romantic sound that would be beautiful for a baby girl destined to be as gorgeous as the name implies.


While Xena may make you think of the mighty warrior princess, this name has humble origins — it's derived from the Greek xene, meaning "hospitable" or "friendly." With its strong yet feminine sound, Xena would make a fitting choice for parents looking for a bold, empowered name for their baby girl with a deep, positive meaning about kindness.


One of the most unique X names around, Xyla comes from the Greek word xulon, meaning "wood" or "forest." It has an incredibly earthy, natural vibe that would be perfect for parents who want to instill a love of nature in their little girl from day one. It's also related to the name "Isla," which means "island," making it perfect for a free-spirited island baby.


Though it may sound modern and stylish, Xiana actually has ancient Persian roots as the name of a princess from the 6th century B.C. It's generally thought to mean "messenger" or "herald," making it a great pick for parents hoping their daughter will grow up to be a leader, trailblazer, and voice for change.


Yes, Xena makes the list twice! This unusually powerful name has origins in both Greek and Navajo cultures. From the Greek "hospitable," it can also mean "wise" in Navajo. For parents in search of a strong name reflecting wisdom and warmth, doubling up on Xena could be the way to go for a double dose of feminine strength.


Paying homage to the tried-and-true Alexandra, Xandryn puts an incredibly unique twist on the classic name. With its strong yet rhythmic sound, it's an excellent option for parents who want an X name with ties to tradition but still extremely distinctive. It means "defender of mankind," how powerful!


Derived from the Persian name Xavera meaning "supreme" or "great," Xahria is a lovely and dignified name for a baby girl that signals she's destined for greatness. Just look out — she'll definitely grow up to live up to that lofty meaning! The Xah- pronunciation gives it a regal, feminine sound fit for a future leader.


Short but ultra-meaningful, Xsara comes from the Persian name Xsara, meaning "curative" or "healer." It would make a lovely appellation for parents wishing good health and nurturing qualities upon their daughter right from the start. The unique spelling and sound are also wonderful for catching people's attention.


With the trendy "y" spelling for that "eye" sound, Xyla has a cool, youthful, energetic feel to it. Like its twin Xyla, this woodsy name has Greek origins and would be perfect for parents envisioning their free-spirited little girl growing up to blaze her own trail as a nature lover and adventurer.


From the same Greek xanth- root as Xanthe, Xanthia means "yellow" or "blonde." But this version has a slightly more exotic, almost magical flair that works beautifully for a baby name. It's reminiscent of other feminine classic names like "Samantha" while still being delightfully distinctive to make your daughter feel special.


Sleek, chic, and effortlessly modern, the abbreviated name Xia would be perfect for style-savvy parents wanting a unique but straightforward pick for their cool girl. It has Chinese origins meaning "blessing" or "mist," giving it more poetic depth than its simple two-letter look would suggest. This could be a great name for parents with Chinese heritage as well.


Xiomara is a Spanish name derived from an Old German name meaning "famous protection." How beautiful is that for wishing a long, peaceful life of safety and joy for your baby girl? It's also related to the whimsical English name "Pamela," making it familiar yet unique at the same time.


One of the most exotic-sounding X names, Xinara has Greek origins meaning "grace" or "stranger." This could be a lovely choice for parents who see their daughter as being graceful and maybe even a world traveler someday. The unusual spelling and pronunciation give it an air of mystery and beauty.

Though there are relatively few X names to choose from compared to other initials, these suggestions prove that X makes an incredibly unique and often meaningful starting letter for a baby girl's name. From earthy naturalistic names to those with ancient mythological roots, an X name can beautifully reflect your hopes for your little one's personality, talents and future path.

No matter which of these distinctive names you choose, your little princess is sure to turn heads and capture hearts with her one-of-a-kind moniker. An X name signals from the start that she's extraordinary and magical, brimming with individuality, confidence and inner strength. It's also a way to honor some important cultural roots and meanings.

But more importantly, giving your daughter a unique name like one of these will give her something special to carry with her for life as she blossoms into her own unique self. In a world filled with Emmas, Isabellas and Sophias, an X name makes a bold statement that she's a leader and trailblazer while still incorporating deep meaning and history from cultures around the world.

So if you're considering an uncommon name for your baby girl, don't overlook the X factor! One of these names bursting with beauty, empowerment and individuality could be the perfect fit for your precious daughter who you hope will grow up to move mountains. Congratulations and happy baby-naming!

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