Are you expecting a baby boy and want to give him a name that stands out from the crowd? Choosing an uncommon name for your son can be a fun way to make his name truly unique and help ensure he'll always have a distinctive identity. While popular names like Liam, Noah, and Oliver have their appeal, going with something a little more distinctive and out of the ordinary can give your child an identity all his own right from the start.

Of course, selecting an uncommon name does come with some important considerations. You'll want to make sure it's easy to spell and pronounce to avoid your son facing any unnecessary confusion or frustration later in life. Avoid anything that sounds too bizarre, made-up or illegible on paper. And think carefully about how the name will age as your son grows from baby to little boy to young man and adult. An uncommon name that's too out-there or downright odd could potentially cause him embarrassment or difficulties, especially in professional settings. With a little research and forethought though, you're sure to find the perfect uncommon baby boy name that checks all the boxes.

To get you started, here are some ideas for uncommon yet classic-sounding boy names with great meanings to consider:


An Old English name meaning "divine protector," Ansel has a pleasant, distinctly masculine sound. A well-known namesake is famed photographer Ansel Adams, making this pick a subtle way to honor your love of art and nature.


This name of Persian origin means "from the Caspian Sea." It has an exotic, adventurous feel perfect for an intrepid little boy explorer in the making. You could imagine your son going on to have a wild spirit and wandering soul yearning for adventure.


With Greek roots meaning "good man," Evander is a strong, stalwart name that's highly uncommon these days. It could make for a subtle way to honor beloved family heritage or virtue while giving your son's name deeper significance.


An old Germanic name meaning "linden tree," Linus has sweet, soft vintage vibe. Thanks to the quirky Peanuts character, it also makes a great path for honoring childhood nostalgia, family heritage or a beloved memory in a subtle way.


This Irish surname name roughly translates to "prosperous" or "rich" in the Gaelic language. Rafferty has an upbeat, cheerful quality perfect for a happy little guy that you envision may grow into his name's meaning of prosperity and abundance in life through hard work.

Or perhaps you're looking for an uncommon baby name pulled from literature, mythology, the arts, history, philosophy, or another culture? Here are some standout ideas packed with meaningful inspiration:


Thanks to To Kill a Mockingbird's beloved Atticus Finch, this Roman name meaning "from Attica" has spurted in popularity in recent years, though it's still quite uncommon for a classic literary name rich in moral meaning. Vintage while still holding significance for modern parents.


An artistic name honoring the famous sculptor Alexander Calder, this name has an earthy, minimalist feel. It could appeal greatly to creative parents, artists, designers or those with an appreciation for modern art and sculpture who want a subtle artistic nod.


A powerful ancient Roman name meaning "hollow" or "empty" likely relating to the famous Cassius family. Thanks to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, it has a theatrical, dramatic quality perfect for a future thespian, poet, activist or orator in the making full of profound words.


The regal name of the king of the fairies in Medieval literature, Oberon is perfect for parents who want to bestow an air of whimsy and magic while paying homage to classic texts. It could inspire an appreciation for fantasy, creative worlds and storytelling from an early age.


With its breezy, outdoorsy nature meaning "west wind," the name Zephyr would make an invigorating pick for free-spirited, adventurous parents who love the beauty of nature's elements. A great choice for hikers, campers or the family who embraces an active outdoor lifestyle.

If you're looking for a truly unique and modern route, you could consider using a sleek word name for a subtle spiritual meaning, naturalistic quality, or other meaningful personal significance. Here are just a few examples of word names that could work well for a baby boy:


For parents who love the outdoors and a good birds of prey reference, this strong name has an undeniably cool factor. It could represent envisioning your son growing up to be fierce yet noble like the majestic hawk soaring with independence and focus.


With solar meaning "of the sun," this celestial-inspired baby boy name has an eternal, infinite quality. Perfect for the family of stargazers, free thinkers, science enthusiasts or sunny optimists hoping for a brilliant future filled with warmth and hope.


A Sanskrit name that means "awakening" or "enlightenment," the name Bodhi has seen an upswing in use thanks to its purity and spiritual vibe for those wanting to raise a highly conscious, enlightened son in touch with the divine and living with purpose.


From the English surname referring to someone who came from a place called "Lox lea" or "meadow of hollows," this lush nature name has an understated sophistication for a down-to-earth boy you hope grows with a grounded, steady spirit embracing life's simple joys.


As a virtue word name representing eternal life, immortality and constancy, Ever makes a smooth yet meaningful first name choice for parents wanting to bestow a sense of permanence and continuity. It could symbolize hoping for an everlasting, unconditional bond with your precious son.

Whether you go with something having deep cultural roots in global mythology, philosophy or literature, an artistic inspiration, or opt for a sleek modern word name invention, an uncommon name sets a son apart right from birth while allowing you to imbue it with significant personal meaning and intention.

Put in the research by making a list of your favorite distinctive yet wearable options. Read through name histories, meanings and associations. Search for any notable namesakes that could provide positive inspiration for the type of person you'd love your son to grow into embracing those qualities. Look for ties to important cultural influences, belief systems and values you'd want to celebrate and reinforce.

Most importantly, choose a name that feels perfect for your new little boy after careful consideration of how you sincerely hope he may grow into it. Let the name's energy, vibration and imagery speak to your heart as a representation of your hopes and dreams for your son. Don't be afraid to follow your intuition when it comes to more uncommon boy names. As long as you put considerate thought into the meaning, how well it fits your vision for your son's personality, and how it will ideally age smoothly through all stages of his life, an uncommon name can become a unique gift only you can give.

With such a wide variety of uncommon names to consider from vintage revivals to modern inventions spanning cultures, literature, philosophies, word origins and more, you're sure to find just the right fit to make his name one-of-a-kind yet meaningful in a way that resonates deeply for you. The perfect uncommon name can make a statement about who you want your beloved baby boy to embody and become.

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