Looking for the perfect baby name for your daughter? Baby girl names starting with D are full of charm and diversity. The letter D offers a delightful array of options, from classic choices to unique and modern monikers. Whether you're seeking a name with deep roots or something trendy and fresh, there's a D name to delight you.

Let's dive into some of the most darling D names for baby girls!

Timeless Traditional Names

Some of the most beloved and enduring baby names for girls begin with the letter D. These classic monikers have graced generations of daughters and possess a lovely, feminine vintage flair. A few examples of timeless traditional D names include:


This bright and cheery floral name has English origins and means "day's eye." It conjures images of springtime meadows full of sunshine. A sweet vintage nickname option is Daisy May. Daisy climbed in popularity in the 1990s and remains a quirky-cool choice today. It was the name of the iconic 1920s showgirl Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby.


The name of the Roman goddess of the hunt, this regal Latin name means "heavenly" or "divine." It's elegant, mythological, and ideal for your little goddess. Diana has been a classic for centuries, famously born by the 1st century AD British Princess of Wales. It saw peak popularity in the 1960s but remains regal and romantic.


A classic English name derived from the German elements for "gift" and "truth." Dorothy has an old-fashioned yet spunky, down-to-earth appeal. Made famous by the Wizard of Oz tales, it was most popular in the early 20th century as a prim and proper name but remains timelessly charming with vintage spirit.


With its Hebrew roots meaning "delicate," Delilah is sultry and seductive yet still sweet enough for a baby girl's name. It's been revived in recent years as a stylish choice after peaking in popularity in the 1960s. Pop stars like Delilah DiCrescenzo and Delilah Montagu have brought it renewed awareness.

Grace and Sophistication

For baby girl names starting with D that exude refinement and poise, consider these graceful Greek and Latin options:


A pretty botanical name meaning "laurel plant," with mythological ties to a nymph who transformed into a laurel tree. It makes one think of lovely laurel wreaths and gardens. It's been popular in recent decades for its lush yet feminine sound, ranking in the top 500.


This euphonic Latin name meaning "born on the island of Delos" has an elegant feel perfect for a graceful little lady. It's flowing and feminine. Delia has Greek roots but a soft, romantic English appeal. A lovely forgotten gem to uncover.


This lovely Russian name is a feminine form of Darius, meaning "wealthy" or "prosperous." It's graceful yet strong, signifying affluence. Celebs like Daria Werbowy the model have brought fresh attention to this regal Eastern European jewel in the past decade.

Gentle and Sweet Monikers

Perhaps you're in search of a softer, gentler baby girl D name, one that captures the tender sweetness of your little one. These darling names beginning with D fit the bill:


A beautiful floral name from the Spanish word for the dahlia flower. It has an earthy, bohemian quality that's totally on-trend. Stylish couples from the UK to California are embracing this lovely bloom name as an alternative to Rosa or Lily.


This precious French name meaning "half" calls to mind sweetness and femininity in small doses. Short but undeniably cute for a petite baby girl. It can also have ties to the Greek prefix meaning "half" or "partial."


An understated nature name with clear symbolism of peace and purity. Simple yet meaningful for your little angel. Nickname options like Dovey add to its gentle, affectionate appeal. Celebs like Dove Cameron are putting it in the spotlight.


With roots in both English and French, this lovely name quite literally means "fate" or "destiny." Meaningful and aspirational, it's been a popular modern choice ranking in the top 100 for decades in the U.S. signaling bright futures.

Darling Diminutives and Nicknames

Looking for a cute nickname name or a shorter take on a D name classic? These sweet baby girl D names have adorable nickname potential:


This Irish surname name meaning "descendant of the challenger" has the awesome nickname Lainey and the elegant full name. It was a go-to in recent years for spunky short form popularity paired with family roots.


The lovely Delia can be shortened to the charming Lia or Elly for cute nickname options. Lia in particular has become a hot new name all on its own in the past decade.


This Native American place name can go by Kota or Cody for an adorable baby nickname. Cody adds to the name's tomboy charm and unisex lean. The name Dakota has Indigenous American roots and adventurous spirit.


While beautiful on its own, this Greek name meaning "dolphin" also allows for the cute nicknames Delphie or Finnie. The nature name appeal is fresh yet timeless. Delphine also has ties to the Greek mythology story of the Oracle of Delphi.

Dynamic and Daring Choices

For the bold and adventurous parents seeking a more unique, dynamic, and daring baby girl D name, here are a few fierce yet femme options:


A Welsh name meaning "she brings truth," this strong yet melodic moniker stands out with an ethereal quality. Perfect for the mystical, spiritual or just plain quirky family seeking something magical.


Derived from the Greek for "untamed," this powerful name belonged to a woman in Greek mythology who inspired many heroic songs. Badass yet beautiful for the little warrior princess. A daring ancient name ready for revival.


The lovely Spanish word meaning "sweet" makes for a zesty yet feminine baby name with Hispanic flair. Dulce has global appeal but stays unique and unexpected. A sugary yet exotic choice.


A French name with great spirit meaning "belonging to God." It's strong but still undeniably pretty for a little girl. Futuristic while maintaining French poise and chicness.

Global and Cultural Beauty

Many stunning baby girl D names come to us from cultures around the world, rich with history and meaning:


A Hindu name meaning "goddess," this spiritual Sanskrit name inherent strength and divinity. A powerfully regal choice with Indian roots perfect for the little princess or deity.


An Albanian name meaning "laurel tree," this lovely natural name has Greek roots. Cross-cultural and naturalistic, it's fresh but timeless. An undiscovered gem alert!


An Israeli name derived from the Hebrew name Daliah, meaning "branch" or "meadow flower." This lovely botanical moniker has an exotic flair. A ravishing international bloom choice.


Originating in India, this vibrant name meaning "light" or "lamp" has roots in Sanskrit. It signifies brightness and inner radiance. Enlightening and luminous for the sweet soul.


The iconic French fashion house was named after its founder Christian Dior. For a luxurious, couture-inspired baby name, this one is chic and stylish. A glamorous international choice fit for the runways.


This unique Indonesian name means "drizzle" evoking images of soft rains which allow nature to bloom. Fluid and fresh with an rare D beginning. An undiscovered gem from the East worth exploring.


A beautiful Arabic name meaning "world" or "universe." It signifies the wonder and vastness of our planet and beyond. Globally-inspired, powerful yet girly. An worldly choice for the globetrotter family.


A feminine form of the French masculine name Djon or John, this Bohemian baby name was born by Beat writer Djuna Barnes. Quirky, gender-neutral and artsy, it's an under-the-radar pick.

When selecting a baby girl's name starting with D, consider the overall style, meaning, and impression you wish to convey. Are you drawn to sweet vintage revivals like Daisy or Dorothy? Or perhaps sleek, on-trend modern monikers like Dahlia or Destiny speak to you more? If exotic global inspirations like Dior, Dafina or Dunya draw your eye, let your heart guide you. For the nature lover, you can lean into the flower and plant names like Dove, Dahlia, or Dalia, or embrace your inner goddess with powerful word names like Devi, Diva or Divine.

Whatever your unique taste and vision for your daughter, there is surely a darling D name to delight your soul. Don't forget to assess potential nickname options as well as how the name flows with your last name. Does charming Daisy May or fierce Damaris suit your little one best?

Most importantly, choose a D name that speaks to you and your hopes for your beloved daughter's future. Names are an integral part of identity, so select one you adore and can happily call out to your child for years to come. Let these delightful "D" ideas spark your search for the perfect name for your precious new addition.

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