The letter H is a lovely starting letter for a baby girl's name. It has a gentle sound that rolls off the tongue pleasantly. Many classic and trendy girl names begin with this consonant. If you're expecting a daughter, you may want to consider some of these beautiful H names for your little one.


The name Harper has soared in popularity for baby girls in recent years, ranking in the Top 10 most popular names. It's a surname name with an appealing literary nod to Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper means "hedge maker" or someone who repairs hedges.


A vintage name making a serious comeback, Hazel is a sweet and charming nature name referring to the hazelnut tree. It was super popular a century ago but fell out of favor until recently being revived. Hazel has now reached the Top 30 most popular names.


A classic biblical name, Hannah is a longtime favorite girls' name that has remained in the Top 50 for decades. It means "grace" in Hebrew. The nickname Hanna or Anna gives it a fun, modern twist.


An up-and-coming name skyrocketing on the popularity charts, Hadley was originally a masculine English surname name derived from a place name meaning "heather field." Now, it's quickly becoming a stylish first name option for baby girls.


Unisex name Hayden has been trending for years as a fresh spin on traditional Aidan. It started as a surname referring to someone who lived on a hay meadow. This versatile gender-neutral name works beautifully for boys or girls.

Unique and Vintage H Names

There are many lovely unique and vintage girl names starting with H that deserve more attention. Here are some real gems:


A feminization of Henry that has a quirky vintage flair. Great nickname options are Henri or Etta.


A biblical name meaning "myrtle tree" that's popular in the Jewish community.


A chic place name option that feels fresh yet vintage.


An aristocratic English name that means "a dweller at the hollows."


An on-trend nature name honoring the famous novelist best known for The Scarlet Letter.


A sweet and cuddly diminutive nickname name meaning exactly what it is - sweet like honey.


A vintage nickname name derived from surnames like Harriet that feels spunky and fun.


An Americanized spelling of the Irish name Hailey meaning "hay meadow."


A Swiss name meaning "nobility" that was popularized by the children's classic novel about a young orphan girl.

Helene or Helena

Two variations of this classic Greek name meaning "bright shining one."

Hippie-Inspired H Names

For those families seeking a non-traditional hippy chic name for their daughter, check out these bohemian H options:


A peaceful and soothing place name meaning "harbor" or "inlet."


A surname name with an ethereal, angelic vibe that conjures images of 1930s Hollywood glamour.


A unique and poetic nature name meaning "calm" from the mythological phrase "halcyon days."


A bold and daring nature name referring to the flowering plant.


An unusual word name that feels beautifully nostalgic while still being unique.


A charming spin on the vintage name Hazel with a feminine floral twist.

Story Behind the Name

If you would like your baby girl's first name to have significance, you may want to opt for one of these lovely H names with strong meanings:


A bold Latin name meaning "highly honored" for a little girl destined for greatness.


Another Latin name meaning "honor" - perfect for honoring a loved one.


The name of the brilliant witch heroine from Harry Potter meaning "messenger" or "deserving respect."


The biblical term meaning "cry of praise" or "a plea for salvation." Also a lovely nod to Easter, the holiest day.


As mentioned above, a name meaning a safe "harbor," this would be perfect for a long-awaited rainbow baby.

H Baby Names from Around the World

Looking for an international spin on a baby girl's name starting with H? These global picks are just gorgeous:


The Hebrew name meaning "myrtle tree" as mentioned above.


A lovely Japanese name meaning "smile village."


An Arabic name meaning "downy" or "soft to the touch."


A short and chic Vietnamese name meaning "peace."


A unique Welsh name meaning "sunshine ray."


Another Arabic option meaning "lovable."


A Sanskrit name with the beautiful meaning "golden" or "radiant."


An intriguing French name meaning "cross between two genres."


An interesting option from Friesland meaning "little she-bear."


A bold Scandinavian name that simply means "hope."

Choosing a H Middle Name

If you've already settled on a first name, you could always incorporate your favorite H name as a middle name for your daughter. Some lovely combinations include:

  • Emma Holliday
  • Nora Hazel
  • Violet Haven
  • Poppy Holland
  • Olive Harriet
  • Millie Hensley
  • Sophie Hadassah
  • Isla Hawthorne
  • Penelope Honey

Celebrity Babies with H Names

Need some celebrity inspiration for your baby name hunt? Check out these famous parents who chose H names for their daughters:

  • Halston - Daughter of Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell
  • Harper - Daughters of David and Victoria Beckham and Neil Patrick Harris
  • Haven - Daughter of Jessica Alba
  • Harlow - Daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden
  • Henley - Daughter of Coco Austin and Ice-T
  • Hattie - Daughter of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
  • Harriet - Daughter of Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

As you can see, H names for baby girls are having a huge moment right now among celebrities and everyday parents alike. Classic names like Hannah and Hazel are seeing huge revivals while modern options like Hayden and Holland are becoming increasingly popular choices.

H Names on Screen

Beyond celebrity babies, several beloved characters in TV shows and movies have popularized H girl names in recent years:

  • Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series
  • Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Harriet the Spy from the classic children's novel
  • Hildy from the 1940 comedy classic His Girl Friday
  • Honey Ryder from the Bond film Dr. No

Considering the popularity and appeal of these fictional characters, they will likely inspire many parents to choose these classic and unique H girl names for their daughters.

Cute Nickname Options

One great thing about many H names is that they lend themselves to adorable nickname options. Here are some ideas:

  • Hadley - Haddie
  • Hailey/Hayley - Hay or Lea
  • Harriet - Hattie or Etta
  • Harper - Harpy
  • Hazel - Hazy or Zelly
  • Hollis - Holly or Lissie
  • Henley - Len or Leni

You could use the nickname as an everyday call name or reserve it as a special pet name just for your little girl. Either way, having a built-in cute nickname is a fun bonus.

Trendy H Names for the Future

While many H girl names are already highly popular, there are a few under-the-radar options that could very likely take off as hot trends in the coming years:


This vintage surname name choice by Rebecca Romijn could inspire more parents.


An up-and-coming surname name in the key of currently stylish Kinsley.


This place name pick is fresh and interesting while still being recognizable.


A variation of Harlow that adds a touch of vintage glam.


An ethereal word name that could appeal to spiritual or angel-inspired parents.

Only time will tell if these unique picks go on to become the next popular baby naming sensations. But they are certainly on-trend H names to keep an eye on!

No matter which H name you choose for your new baby girl, she'll be sure to love her unique and meaningful moniker, even if it's not one of the most popular picks. Unique names are such a special gift for our children to carry through life. Happy baby naming!

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