The letter O is such a lovely, soft sound to start a baby girl's name with. Names beginning with O have a delicate, feminine quality that rolls off the tongue so beautifully. If you're expecting a daughter, you'll definitely want to consider some of these gorgeous O names for your little one.

Whether you want a name that's classic and timeless or fresh and modern, there are so many great options for baby girl names starting with the 15th letter of the alphabet. From short and sweet to long and romantic, you're sure to find an O name that speaks to you amongst this collection.

Top 20 Baby Girl Names Starting With O

To get you started, here are 20 of the most popular and beloved baby girl names that begin with O:

  1. Olivia
  2. Ava
  3. Ophelia
  4. Oakley
  5. Octavia
  6. Opal
  7. Odette
  8. Olive
  9. Oona
  10. Ottilie
  11. Odessa
  12. Oaklynn
  13. Olena
  14. Orla
  15. Olympia
  16. Ondine
  17. Oriana
  18. Orlaith
  19. Orli
  20. Oryn

Let's take a closer look at some of these top O names for girls and what they mean:


Olivia is the #1 most popular baby girl O name at the moment, having been a top 10 name in the US for over 20 years. With its roots in the Latin word 'oliva' meaning olive tree, Olivia is a lovely, lyrical name with an air of natural beauty. Olivia has long been beloved for its smooth sound and easy pronunciation in many languages. While uber popular in recent decades, Olivia is also a vintage revival name with centuries of history behind it.


Following closely behind Olivia is the chic and stylish name Ava. An Old German name derived from the name Aveline, meaning 'desired,' Ava has a simple elegance that makes it so appealing for modern baby girls. With its streamlined sound and upbeat vibe, Ava strikes the perfect balance between traditional and trendy. This short and sweet name is also easy for babies and kids to pronounce themselves.


With its dramatic Shakespearean roots, Ophelia is the type of celestial, romantic baby name that enchants and delights. In Hamlet, Ophelia was a beautiful young woman driven to insanity, but her haunting name still captivates parents today. While she met a tragic end, Ophelia has gone on to become a popular name representing innocence, artistry, and bohemian flair.


For an earthy, nature name vibe, Oakley and the newer variation Oaklynn are both becoming increasingly popular. With meanings tied to the iconic oak tree, these names have a lovely natural femininity balanced by a cool, modern sound. Oakley originated as an English surname, while Oaklynn emphasizes the 'lynn' feminine ending that's so fashionable now.


While Swan Lake's Odette is fictional, her beautiful French name meaning 'wealth' is starting to catch on in real life. So delicate and refined, Odette would make a lovely vintage-inspired choice for an O baby. Odette is rising in popularity along with other romantic ballet-inspired names like Celia and Margot.


As a given name, Opal takes the beautiful October birthstone and turns it into a pretty gem of a baby name option. With its ties to the iridescent stone, Opal has an air of natural loveliness perfect for an earthy baby girl. Opal is a quirky and classy name that blends modern style with vintage appeal.


A charming German name with 'wealth' as its core meaning, Ottilie is quirky and cute while still maintaining a sense of vintage sophistication. For parents looking for an underused but amazing O name, Ottilie deserves a second look. Ottilie is both feminine and fresh, making for a special standout name.

More Amazing O Name Styles

There are so many more amazing O baby names where those came from too! Let's look at some other fantastic O name choices organized by style and vibe.

Romantic O Baby Names

  • Oriana
  • Odalisque
  • Orelia
  • Ondine
  • Orianna
  • Ozara
  • Ozora
  • Oisin

These romantic O names have an ethereal, fanciful quality perfect for a dreamy little girl. Names like Odalisque, Ozara, and Orelia feel lush and evocative, inspired by fairytales or mythology. Ondine refers to a water sprite, enhancing the magical appeal. While Ozora has an otherworldly, celestial sound, Oriana feels more grounded with its Spanish flair.

Vintage O Baby Names

  • Opaline
  • Ophelia
  • Odette
  • Odille
  • Onora
  • Odella
  • Oralie
  • Ottilie
  • Ozella
  • Ozzie

For a tried-and-true vintage vibe, these old-fashioned O names strike a nostalgic note. Many have ties to the Victorian era and earlier, such as the gem-inspired Opaline and antique nickname Ozzie. Odette and Ophelia give off romantic literary vibes, while Ottilie originated in 19th century Germany. Odille and Oralie feel plucked from a different era, ripe for revival as unique vintage picks.

Nature O Baby Names

  • Oakley
  • Oaklynn
  • Olea
  • Olive
  • Oleander
  • Opal
  • Orinda

These lovely O names are all inspired by elements of the natural world, from trees to plants to gemstones. Oakley, Oaklynn, and Orinda are different ways to honor the mighty oak tree. Olea refers to the olive tree, giving this name lush, Mediterranean vibes. For botanically-inclined parents, there are also flowery options like Oleander as well as the gemstone name Opal.

Unique O Baby Names

  • Ottoline
  • Ozara
  • Ozora
  • Oaklynn
  • Oleria
  • Oralie
  • Ori
  • Opala

Finding that truly unique baby name can be a challenge - but names like these are full of unexpected charm! Ozora and Ozara have an invented quality yet still feel feminine and lyrical. Old Ottoline dances to a quirky, upbeat tune. There are modern mashup combos too, like the hybrid Oaklynn blending the nature name Oak with the popular -lynn ending. Ori is an adorable, straightforward short form of names like Oriana and Orla.

Gender-Neutral O Names

  • Ocean
  • Ozzy
  • Oakley
  • Odell
  • Oaklee
  • Oaklyn
  • Oakland
  • Oakridge

While most O names lean feminine, there are still some great gender-neutral options out there. Nature names like Ocean and Oakland have a unisex quality. Oakley pioneered this trend as an ambiguous surname name that works for either gender. Ozzy is a fun unisex nickname name, while Oaklee and Oaklyn blend Oakley with trendy gender-neutral endings.

Spiritual/Mythological O Names

  • Ondine (a water sprite)
  • Orinthia (daughter of a Greek god)
  • Olyssia (blessed long life)
  • Ozara (from ancient Hebrew, strong one)

These mystical, spiritually-inspired O names come from a range of ancient cultures and traditions. Ondine invokes imagery of a mythological water spirit, while Ozara has roots in ancient Hebrew meaning 'strong one.' From Greek mythology, Orinthia stems from the name of a goddess's daughter. Olyssia, meaning 'blessed long life', has a divine feminine vibe.

Still Looking for More Name Inspiration?

If none of those hit that perfect note for you, consider some of these other lovely O names for baby girls as well:

  • Oralee
  • Oralie
  • Orazia
  • Ordelia
  • Orion
  • Orisha
  • Orlagh
  • Orlene
  • Orlita
  • Orlonda
  • Orly
  • Orrea
  • Orsa
  • Osana
  • Osanna
  • Osma
  • Ossia

You could also look to other cultures for unique O name inspiration. Some examples of beautiful O names for girls from around the world include:

  • Oluwatoni (Yoruba)
  • Oceane (French)
  • Ojusua (Native American)
  • Okhyin (Korean)
  • Oleska (Russian)
  • Otchina (African)
    Otrera (Native American)
  • Otxoak (Basque)

Whether you want a familiar and classic name like Olivia or Ava or something more unique and unexpected like Oralie, Ozara, or Ottoline, there's no shortage of amazing baby girl names starting with O to consider! From the romantic to the vintage to the earthy and ethereal, the options with this vowel letter are beautifully diverse.

Take your time browsing O names and find that perfect fit for your daughter. An O baby name is feminine, lovely, and full of possibility - just like your little girl herself. Let the soft, round sound roll off your tongue and see which lovely O name speaks to you most. Whether you go for a popular name like Olivia or give your daughter something delightfully uncommon like Oleria or Otxoak, an O name allows you to give your baby girl a name that's pretty, passionate, and unique.

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