Looking for the perfect baby girl name starting with P? The 16th letter of the alphabet offers up a delightful array of possibilities, from classic picks to unique and modern choices.

Whether you want a name that's sweet and feminine or strong and empowered, there's bound to be a P name that captures your heart. Let's explore some of the loveliest baby girl names beginning with this pleasant letter.

Classic P Baby Names for Girls

For parents seeking a timeless, sophisticated baby name, the P letter provides some wonderful classic options that have been used for generations:


Of English origin meaning "young helper", Paige has long been a favorite for its combination of vintage charm and modern casualness. It lands right in the sweet spot of not being too trendy or outdated.


The name Penelope, from the Greek meaning "weaver", has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years after a long period of disuse. With its elegant, literary history and ties to the faithful wife from Homer's Odyssey, it feels both familiar and freshly appealing.


Back in vogue after being neglected for decades, the delightfully feminine and melodic Phoebe (from the Greek meaning "radiant" or "bright") has an irresistible lighthearted quality perfect for a baby girl. You might recognize it from the classic literature of Shakespeare and Greek mythology.


A sweet vintage diminutive of classics like Polina, Dorothy and Molly, Polly perfectly encapsulates old-world charm and nostalgic whimsy. It originated as a Medieval nickname for Mary.


Bright and cheerful, the English botanical name Poppy brings to mind gorgeous red flowers and a lively, vivacious personality for your baby girl. It's an age-old nickname turned full name with 18th century roots.

Modern P Names for Girls

Looking for a more unique, newly-minted baby name instead? The P letter is bursting with fresh, creatively-spelled and surprising choices for the modern parent:


A newly-invented name that's just starting to catch on, Payslee puts a delightfully feminine spin on names like Paisley or Presley, with an intriguing creative spelling.


Speaking of creative spellings, Preslee feels distinctly 21st century while hearkening back to classics like Patricia and Presley. It has a lovely flow and sense of subtle glamour.


If you love the hallowed English surname names like Bentley or Kinsley but want something more unique, Penley could be your striking new favorite baby name.


Paloma, the Spanish word for "dove", glides onto the baby naming scene as a refresh to longtime favorites like Sophia and Isabella. Paloma sounds exotic yet feminine and wearable.


Taking inspiration from the color "berry", fashionable British singer Perrie Edwards brought this playful yet edgy P name into the spotlight as the ideal 21st century baby name.

Nature P Names for Girls

Many beautiful P names for girls are inspired by or rooted in the natural world, giving them an organic, free-spirited vibe:


A sweet Southern belle of a name, Petunia hails from the colorful trumpet-shaped flowers of the same name. Cute but not overly cutesy, it has great vintage appeal with links to the botanical Victorian era.


Back in a big way, the iridescent gemstone name Pearl now outranks dated classics like Ruby in the baby name data. Pearl sounds polished, precious and undeniably pretty while evoking natural oceanic beauty.


Following in the footsteps of popular botanical names like Lily and Violet, the soft and romantic Primrose feels primed for more widespread baby name usage. Its meaning of "first rose" is delightfully evocative of fresh blooms and new beginnings.


Drawing on the poetic imagery of a "flower bouquet", Poesy (or Posy/Posie) makes for a unique and eye-catching yet naturalistic first name choice for girls. It stems from the Old French Norman word for a "flower garden."


While spelled like the mythical woodland fairy creature, Pixie actually originated as a nickname for names like Petra, making it playful yet with quirky and literary roots. A great choice for your own little sprite.

P Names Spanning Cultures

Many gorgeous P names for baby girls arise from different cultural and linguistic traditions from around the globe:


An Indian name with multiple beautiful meanings including "beloved", "supreme", and "delightful", Priya elegantly combines poise and vibrance—a perfect embodiment of the ideal baby girl.


Derived from the Greek word for "stone" or "rock", the continental European classic Petra feels simultaneously delicate and strong for a feminine name with gravitas. It channels historic sites like the ancient city of Petra carved into rock cliffs.


Spanish speakers will appreciate the evocative appeal behind the name Paz, the word for "peace" in their language. Short and sweet, it makes for a meaningful and unique baby girl moniker.


While the male Pascal comes from Latin roots, the feminine French form Pascale is one striking and rarely heard P name worth dusting off and considering anew.


With roots in Hindi, Slavic and other language traditions, Pavina roughly translates to "peacock", lending it an aura of pure natural beauty, vibrant colors and exotic intrigue. A real showstopper!

Strong P Names for Girls

For parents seeking a name for their baby girl that exudes confidence, power and self-assuredness, here are some P names that make a bold, self-possessed statement:


With undeniable fire and flair, Phoenix is the ultimate P name symbolizing rebirth, immortality and rising strong through any adversity, perfect for a fearless baby girl. Mythology fans will recognize its rich background.


An English surname name with roots as an occupation for "pruner", Pruitt manages to sound tough yet feminine, like a plant that blossoms from an initially thorny stem.


Unisex surname names like Parker make for empowered, androgynous and sporty-chic names for modern baby girls. These occupy-inspired names give off an industrious, capable vibe.


From the occupational surname meaning "to pierce", Pierce radiates dynamic energy and a sense of forward momentum—ideal for a tenacious baby girl who's destined for greatness.


Dating back to ancient Rome, Portia originally meant "pig", which might seem unflattering until you consider the symbolism behind valued attributes like good fortune, fertility and abundance that pigs once represented. These days it sounds elegant, intelligent and dignified for a girl.

More Fun P Name Ideas

Want even more ideas for baby girl names starting with P? Here are some additional suggestions spanning different styles and themes:

Pretty & Feminine: Piper, Penelope, Phoebe, Persephone, Paloma, Prairie, Prue, Prue, Pamela, Phillipa, Palmer, Payton

Playful & Whimsical: Pippa, Plum, Pepper, Prue, Poet, Poppy, Plumeria, Posey, Padget, Prue, Pansy, Prim, Penny, Prue

Vintage Revivals: Pauline, Prudence, Priscilla, Prue, Philomena, Permelia, Petronella, Primrose, Prairie, Prue

Modern Mash-ups: Presley, Preslee, Posey-Mae, Parry, Payslee, Penley, Perrie, Poet-Laine, Prue, Prue

We could go on and on with P names for baby girls! The letter opens up a world of lovely possibilities from cherished classics to brisk British-accented picks to jaw-droppingly exotic Slavic stunners.

So whether you want a P name for your baby girl that's timelessly classic, delightfully feminine and flowery, unique and modern, rich in cross-cultural appeal or just undeniably strong and confident, the 16th letter of the alphabet offers up a wealth of wonderful options to consider.

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