Looking for a baby name that's truly unique? Why not go with a Q name for your little queen or queen-to-be? The letter Q is one of the rarest letters to start a baby name, which makes it the perfect choice for parents wanting a name that stands out from the crowd.

While many of the most popular baby names these days start with letters like A, E, M or S, you'll instantly set your daughter apart by choosing a Q name. It's quirky, quintessential, and will give your girl an intriguing point of uniqueness right from birth.

Not sold yet? Keep reading for some of the most intriguing and meaningful Q baby names for girls, along with their lovely origins and definitions.


An Arabic name meaning "powerful" or "able," Qadira has a powerful ring to it. It would make for an empowering name for a baby girl. Potential nicknames could include Qadi or Dira.


This lesser known Arabic name means "rare" or "precious," which seems highly appropriate for a Q name baby. Nicknames could include Qali or Lilah.


An English name derived from the Arabic Gehana meaning "paradise" or "heaven," Qiana has a melodic, exotic sound.


A variation of Qiana, the meaning of "paradise" or "heaven" remains the same for this spelling. The differing first letter gives it a unique look.


A Native American name meaning "messenger" or "orator," Quannah could be a meaningful name for parents wanting to instill confidence and voice in their daughter.


While typically thought of as an Irish surname, the name Quinn actually originates as a German masculine name meaning "wisdom" or "reason." It's been gaining popularity for girls in recent years as a chic, gender neutral option.


Another name more common for boys that's crossing over for girls, Quincy is derived from the French nickname "Quince" meaning the quince fruit. It has an air of dignity and wisdom.


For parents wanting a particularly unique Q name, the recently coined Quinnley combines the stylish Quinn with the currently trendy -ley ending.


A unique spelling of the Arthurian legend name Guinevere, Quinevere means "fair" or "smooth" and has Welsh roots. It could be a subtle way to honor family heritage.


Quincey is considered a feminine form of the French Quincy meaning "estate of the fifth-born." Different from Quincy, it has a softer, more feminine sound.


How's this for unique? Queensland is the name of territory in northeastern Australia, and could make for an intriguing place name baby name for a girl.


A Latin name meaning "fifth," Quintana is also derived from the Roman surname Quintius or Quintinus. It has an elegant, romantic sound.


For an elaborately regal name, consider the Latin-derived Quintessa which essentially means "the quintessential one."


Quintina is another pretty Latin-based name meaning "the fifth" and has been a Roman name dating back to ancient times. It could be a way to honor Italian heritage.


For maximum uniqueness points, Quinzia is an extremely rare Italian name of unknown meaning and origin. Your little Quinzia will definitely be one-of-a-kind!


Short and chic, the Chinese name Qin refers to the powerful Qin Dynasty and could be an empowering name for a baby girl.


The obvious name fit for Q-born baby royalty! Queen means, well, "queen" - the female sovereign ruler of highest rank. While bold, it could make an excellently fierce name choice.


A Spanish name meaning "beloved", Querida has an alluring, romantic sound. It could make a meaningful name connecting to Hispanic heritage.


An interesting French surname name derived from the word for the "grip" of a sword, Quillon has a strong, confident feel.


From the Latin meaning "fourth", the name Quarta has Italian roots and could be a subtle way to work in a quirky numerical meaning.


In Tolkien's Elvish language, Quendi refers to all Elves, making Quendi an ethereal name choice for parents who love Lord of the Rings or unique mythology names.


While Cherub is a familiar name referring to a celestial angel, the Spanish variation Querube puts an intriguing Q-inspired spin on it.


An Inuit name meaning "she is smiling," Qitsiari could be a sunny and cheerful pick for parents of indigenous descent.


Another Inuit option, the name Qivaluk refers to the "Arctic red fox" and has a wildly unique nature name vibe.


A newly coined name of unknown origin, Quiah could be an option for parents wanting a truly unique-sounding and ambiguous Q name.


Meaning "princess" in the Tshiluba language, the African name Quela would make for an aptly royal Q name choice.


Quellah is an Arabic name meaning both "rare" and "beautiful" - a perfect fit for parents wanting a truly distinctive name for their daughter.


While the Native American name Quannah detailed earlier refers to an "orator", the similar Quanah has the meaning of "fragrant."


Going back to the French "quince" fruit meaning, Quince could make for a charmingly quirky nature name for a baby girl.


If Quinnley feels a bit wordy, parents could go even shorter with the simple Quinnly spelling instead.

When it comes to choosing the perfect Q name for your baby girl, there are so many rich directions you could go based on your name style and origins. From romantic Spanish picks like Querida to badass mythological names like Quendi to unique word name options like Quillon or Quince, the limited number of Q names is actually quite expansive when you consider all of the different cultures and languages where lovely Q names originate.

Of course, the rareness of Q names is both their greatest pro and con. On the one hand, a Q name guarantees your daughter will stand out every time role is called or she introduces herself to someone new. With a Q name, she'll instantly have a unique point of identity that not many others can claim.

But on the flip side, a Q name may be a difficult one for others to recognize or pronounce correctly right away. Family or friends may keep asking "How do you spell that again?" And teachers or classmates may need a while to get used to pronouncing the uncommon moniker properly. So any parent choosing a Q name will need to have a bit of patience and be prepared to correct pronunciation frequently in those early years.

Another consideration is spelling challenges for a Q name baby later on. While Q names like Quinn or Quintessa can be spelled phonetically and aren't too complicated, some like Qitsiari or Querube may end up giving your daughter major headaches when having to constantly spell out her name. You may want to steer clear of overly complicated letter combinations when choosing your Q name.

Ultimately though, many parents feel that the uniqueness and beauty of a Q name more than makes up for any minor inconveniences along the way. So if you're looking for a truly distinctive name that'll make your baby girl stand out her whole life, start searching the ranks of Q names! Your little queen will thank you for gifting her such an uncommon, meaningful, and quintessentially cool name.

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