The letter T provides some fantastic options for baby girl names. Here are 15 beautiful T names perfect for your new daughter:


This Greek name meaning "gazelle" has a lovely, feminine sound. The nickname Tabby is sweet for a little girl. Tabitha comes from the Aramaic word meaning gazelle and the name was popularised by its use in the Bible. It's a graceful yet playful name that would suit a lively little lady.


Talia is a Hebrew name that means "dew from God" or "morning dew." It has a melodic feel that works well in many different cultures. The name Talia originated in Hebrew and in the Bible, it is the name given to Delilah's daughter. It entered widespread use in the modern era and today it is found worldwide. The soft yet upbeat sound of Talia makes it a very attractive name choice.


Although often used as a surname, Taylor works well as a first name for a girl, too. It refers to a tailor or cloth worker and is both classic and contemporary. Taylor originated as an occupational surname for someone whose job was cutting and sewing cloth. It works well as a unisex first name with the advantage of being familiar yet unusual. Your daughter would share her name with legendary singer Taylor Swift!


With Irish origins meaning "poet" or "artist," Teagan has a spunky charm to it. The nnTea is so cute for short. Teagan is an Irish name that means "little poet" which is just lovely. It entered wider usage in the 1990s and 2000s and now feels fashionable yet traditional. The lyrical TEE-gan pronunciation gives it a happy Irish lilt perfect for a creative daughter.


Short and sweet, Tess is already an established name that feels modern yet timeless. It comes from Teresa. Tess is a short form of Theresa or Teresa and means "harvest" in Greek. It's been used as an independent name since the early 20th century. Tess is simple but sophisticated, with the history of religious names like Theresa behind it. Your little Tess is sure to charm everyone she meets!


A longer version of Tess, Tessa still has that sweet, simple appeal. It's nickname-ready, too. Tessa is a variant of Teresa that is equally charming but perhaps a bit more substantial sounding than brief Tess. Both syllables are soft, making Tessa a gentle name choice. With the "Tess" nickname potential, it's getting double the name appeal.


Tia is a short, stylish variation of names like Natasha or Tatiana. It also means "aunt" in many Spanish-speaking places. Tia is a shortened form of names ending in -atia that is now frequently used independently. Its connection to "aunt" in Spanish adds a cute familial meaning. For a daughter you hope grows up treasuring family, Tia is a great traditional yet modern choice.


Disney's Princess Tiana brought this name more mainstream popularity. It's lovely on its own merits as well, with origins in Greek mythology. Tiana is a Latinate form of names like Diana and honors the Roman goddess of the hunt. The Disney Princess association adds to its charm and happiness. With nickname potential like "Di" or "Ana," your special Tiana has personality plus!


With its references to glamour and regality, Tiara makes a show-stopping choice. It pairs beauty with meaning well. Tiara derives from the jeweled crown worn by queens and monarchs. While subtle, it hints at beauty, grace, and a touch of royalty—everything you want for your little princess! Tiara is unique yet recognizable as a name. She'll surely feel like the most precious jewel with this name.


Sophisticated and familiar, Tiffany remains a top T choice. Its origin is Greek for "appearance of God." Tiffany originated as a place name in France meaning "appearance of God." It's perhaps most famous today as the luxury jewelry brand name. Tiffany is elegant and classic yet with an upscale flair. She'll feel primed for success with this name that means she is blessed by divinity.


Unique without being overly quirky, Trinity evokes faith as well as facets of beauty and wonder. Trinity derives from the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It suggests faith as well as deep complexity, mystery, and layers beneath the surface. Trinity is unusual yet approachable, with an uplifting spiritual significance. Your Trinity is assured to be one of a kind!


Actress Tatum O'Neal may have put this on the map, but its true meaning relates to the cheery "tansy" flower. Tatum ultimately derives from the plant name "tansy," referring to a golden yellow composite flower. In use as a name, it feels both frilly and strong. Tatum O'Neal no doubt helped popularize it further. Your Tatum will be as sunny and bold as the namesake flower!


Vintage flair abounds with Tallulah, which is Native American for "leaping water." Tallulah originated from the Choctaw language of Native Americans and means "leaping water." It's associated with the Tallulah River and Falls in Georgia. With an appealing retro ring yet effervescent sound, Tallulah pairs heritage with charm.


Earthy yet feminine, Terra connects a daughter to nature through this Latin name meaning "earth." Terra derives from the Latin word for "earth" and has an organic, grounded quality. While evoking our planet, Terra is softened and made girlish by eliminating the "E" in Earth. A nurturing name rooting your daughter in her namesake element, Terra is balanced beauty.


Full of history and character, Theodora traces back to a brave Byzantine empress. Theodora comes from Greek origins meaning "gift of God." It honors the formidable 6th century Empress Theodora of Byzantium who championed women's and children's rights. Both dignified and sweet, Theodora is a name rich with meaning and merit to inspire your own leader-in-the-making. With cute Dora as her nickname, she's set to save the world one cuddle at a time!

As you can see, the letter T provides a truly terrific selection of baby girl name possibilities. From the sweet and spunky like Teagan to the sophisticated Tiffany, you're sure to find the perfect moniker to suit your daughter's individual personality and style. Naming is one of the first and most enjoyable parts of the pregnancy journey. I hope this list has sparked some inspiration!

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