The letter V is a strong yet graceful starting letter for baby girl names. Here are 15 lovely baby girl names beginning with V for you to consider:


A timeless and sophisticated name meaning "lively" or "alive." Vivian is a classic yet trendy choice. Vivian connects to liveliness and vitality which is a good representation for a baby entering the world. The nickname Viv could be used which is sweet and spunky. This name has been steadily rising in popularity in the last decade and works well cross-culturally.


A beautiful floral name that is elegant and feminine. Violet connects nicely with flower-inspired middle names like Rose or Lily. The color violet also represents enchantment, love, and creativity which are wonderful attributes. As a nature name, Violet feels whimsical and sweet. The nickname Vi/Vee could be used which is darling. This name conjures images of springtime and blossoms.


Regal and dignified, Victoria is fit for a little princess. It references strength, victory, and going the distance. Queen Victoria really brought this name into the mainstream in the 1800s. The nickname "Tori" is darling and spunky. As a name with royal history, Victoria exudes confidence and class. It also ranks highly for popularity which means she will likely meet others with her name.


Graceful and Roman, Valeria means "strong" or "healthful." Val, Valerie, and Lia are cute nicknames that provide versatility. In Ancient Rome, Valeria was the name of an important goddess so it has a historical background. With nicknames that can be more feminine or masculine, it leaves options for her personality as she grows up. The meaning of strength is empowering.


Sophisticated yet playful, Veronica has ties to truth and wisdom from its roots in Greek meaning "she who brings victory." Ronnie and Nicolette make sweet diminutives. As a name from literature and religion, Veronica is cultured. With nickname options from tomboyish to traditional, it can suit evolving styles as she gets older.


Elegant and musical, Vienna references the famed capital city of Austria known for art, culture and music. It's sweet yet sophisticated and brings to mind ballgowns and classical arts. The one-syllable Vee ending gives it an endearing flair. As a place name, it carries history and worldliness.


A beautiful Italian form of Violet that feels lively and lyrical. Etta and Lettie are sweet nicknames. With Italian roots, Violetta sounds absolutely romantic. The built-in nickname Etta feels darling and dainty. As a nature name with an artistic twist, Violetta bridges whimsy and style.


Feminine and flirty, Vanessa has Greek roots meaning "butterfly." Nessa could be a precious nickname. Representing beauty and transformation, Vanessa ties to the delicate butterfly. With nickname potential that's both spunky and sophisticated, it adapts easily with her evolution. The ending "ssa" gives it a feminine flair.


Enchanting and mystical, Vivienne is a fancier version of Vivian with French heritage. Viv and Vivi are darling monikers. As a name derived from Old French, Vivienne feels vintage-inspired yet modern. Meaning "alive," it speaks to vibrancy and zest for life. Nicknames like Vivi are super sweet.


Classic and vocal, Valerie means "strong" and "healthy." Val and Valerie are precious nicknames. A name that transcends time, Valerie lends tradition without feeling dated. With nickname options ranging from sweet to tough, it can evolve with her personality. Derived from valor, it brings courage and fortitude.


Exotic and endearing, Valentina means "strong" and "healthy" in Italian. Tina, Lena, and Valentina provide versatility. An Italian gem, Valentina feels elegant and romantic. With pet forms that vary from spunky to sophisticated, her name remains adaptable through all stages in life. Meaning "healthy" and "brave," Valentina is an empowering choice.


Delicate yet powerful, Viola connects to both flowers and musical instruments. Ola or Lettie could be cute nicknames. With mentions in William Shakespeare's works, Viola carries a literary history. As both a nature name and one relating to music, Viola bridges the whimsical and artistic. Nickname Lettie is darling and brings to mind a little flower.


Classic and pure, Vera means "faith" or "truth" with Russian heritage. It's understated in an endearing way. Vera presents poise without pretension and lends tradition without feeling dated.While simple and sweet on the surface, it bears deeper meanings. With origins in Slavic languages, Vera exposes her to cultural diversity.


Luxurious and soft as silk, Velvet evokes refined elegance. She'll be oh so sweet as a "Velly" or "Ette." As a luxe material name, Velvet will certainly stand out sparklingly. Nicknames for Velvet like Velly connect her to precious gems while maintaining approachability. Velvet brings to mind opulence, tactility, nobility.


Romantic and lyrical, Violetta is an Italianate form of Violet that feels sweetly musical. Lettie or Vi make darling nicknames. With Italian roots, Violetta could not sound more poetic. Pet names like Lettie are sheer perfection for such an elegant name. Violetta bridges nature and art with grace.

As you can see, there are so many beautiful name options when it comes to baby girl names starting with V. Beyond being feminine and lovely sounds, many of these names have meaningful meanings representing strength, vivacity, music, blossoms and more.

The versatility of potential nicknames for these V names means they can evolve as your daughter grows into her own unique personality. Names like Vivian, Violet, and Violetta are especially trending lately but you also can't go wrong with more classic choices like Valerie or Vivienne.

I hope this list has provided you with some new name ideas and inspiration as you choose the perfect V name for your little lady. Be sure your daughter's name reflects the strong, artistic, lively girl you see her becoming.

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